Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And we reach the finale – Post 28

I did it. Yes, as successfully as I could. Skipped 2 days, first because it was this mad mad day and 2nd because I was a bit mad that day.
Wrote every single day. Wrote about things I wouldn’t have written otherwise. My readers know more about me post the NaBloPoMo now.
Completed the month without picking up a tag!! And that is something I am very happy about.
My friend thinks that next month will be a “Na – Blog – Post – Month”. Let’s see if she knows me well.
My reason for taking this up was to be regular with my blogging. I had been missing for a while and I am sure nothing better could get me back. Work was at its worst and that made the entire effort even more worth it.
It was taxing no doubt but it was as much fun too.
Its now time for my thank-you speech:
All my partners in this crime – Monika, Meira, Pixie, Swaram, Prats and some more, I owe this to the commenting you guys did. Had it not been for the “present here” comment I would have lost hope long back. {Ducks to avoid the eggs and tomatoes!!!
now please don’t stop commenting, phuleaseeee}
A big hug to Aman, for enduring my “its 11:30 pm, the clock is ticking and I haven’t posted yet” panic modes.
Anu – hugs to u, u tried to get me off this and I know your intentions were right
Thanks to my neighbors – generally!!
And aunty’s dog – even more generally!!!
And to the maid and the cook – now what if I didn’t have the support system at home. Time would have gone in cribbing and ordering food, right?? {What, you thought I would say – cooking and cleaning, huh???}
So tra lala la. And its time to treat myself!! Chicken Biryani any one??


Swaram said...

Tra la la la ... we did it :)
It ws so much fun dng it together no :)

Swaram said...

Tra la la la ... we did it :)
It ws so much fun dng it together no :)

Meira said...

oh gosh! My last post is still pending. Save my champagne for me please

Pinku said...

congrats!! real effort this...
I havent been blog hopping for a while so missed this.

AM going to make up now by reading all 28 posts today..

and yes i am up for that biryani...

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Congrats on finishing NaBloPoMo! Awesome! :)

Iya said...

Yes swaram - if not for u guys i cudnt have done it..

@ meira - jaldi karo..control nahi ho raha hai!!

Iya said...

@ Pinku - arent u a sweetheart!

@Niveditha - thanks so much..

Pixie said...

wow! we did it!! :D
I've done enough tags to cover all of us babe!! ;)

Congrats on completing it! :D

~anu~ said...

tra lala la it is :) enjoy the freedom!

Endless Road.. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That's quite an achievement!!! Looking forward to many more posts from you! And till then i'll nurse my writer's block :-)

Ekta said...

vegetable biryani for me :-)

Monika said...

yay we did and i loved the way u thanked everyone ;-)

and u have been tagged

Anonymous said...


I created a new FB id for blog friends. Do you know of anybody else who does the same & wants to connect? I am not comfortable enough to add bloggers directly to my FB id which I use for family and friends.

Still trying to find that dual personality on FB. Is it anybody you know? PLEASE let me know.



Cynic in Wonderland said...

all you bloggie month posters are rockstars i say. once a monthi s getting challenging now