Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy hours Forever – Post 22

Finally the day has come, for the little girl to grow a wee bit older!!!

Here’s wishing Meira a very very happy birthday. May you get more of everything this year and in all the years to come by!!

More love, more kisses, more $#%.

Lot more parties and even more holidays.

More beer and more egg rolls.

More fun and more money

More happiness and more contentment!!!

And let the joy in the “happy hours” grow many many fold!!!

And on your (what 21st it is??) birthday, here is a small gift from my side!!

A Channel bag and a Dolce and Gabbana Dress!!!

Image Curtesy - Channel and D&G

Hop over at Monika’s to have some cake and then at Pixie’s to raise a toast and then at Swaram’s for some goodies!!


Pixie said...

Awesome Gifts Iya! :) :)

Happy Birthday to Meira! :D

Nu said...

lovely gifts !! wow :)

I'm wishing that everyone should have friends like you all :)

Liked that more kissess..more love...da..da..da.. ;)

Monika said...

hot hot got dress... i am almost imagining meira wearing it and looking awesome :)

happy birthday to her

Meira said...

Awwww thank you sooooo mcuch Iya :)
The bag n dress are GORGEOUS. psst psst...I even have matching sandals for the dress *wink wink*

Thank you soo much. You girls are the best

Chatterbox said...

Wow! those gifts are so pretty and fabulous :)
Happy Birthday Meira :)
You girls rock!!

Iya said...

Pixie - we are awesome!!!

hey Nu, thanks so much.. Meria is a sweetheart and i am sure even you are.. i went to your blog yesterday but the wordpress template you have refused to come up properly on my office connection is a bit weird that ways.. will check it again from home!!

Meira said... really think I'm 21? ;)
I'm on cloud numbah nine now

Iya said...

Monika - i know, i was almost tempted to keep it for myself!!

Meria - u deserve every bit of it..wish u a very very happy b'day again..whats the plan for the day!!

@ Thanks Chatterbox!!

Iya said...

Meira - on the 21 bit, i shall answer tomorrow.. today is ur day and u shud be on clud 9!!!

Meira said...

We slept late ;)
got up late. Got late for work. Now pretending to work. Will go back and not cook. (ah bliss!) Party :)

Swaram said...

Wowwww! I love the gifts :) :)

And Iya, y dint u gift me something like this on my bday 3 days bk .. the 23rd one :P :P

Iya said...

Oh Swaram - remember that was the day i was in 2 minds in doing this NaBloPoMo. so i missed it.. so so so sorry.. some other day for sure!!

masood said...

OK she gets to keep the dress...can I get the model? ;)

Iya said...

masood let me call ur wife and ask that!!