Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finally, I think I have arrived – Post 5

In the bylanes of beautiful Bangalore, with rains in the background and cool breeze in the hair, sat a girl, sipping coffee, nibbling on a croissant, engrossed in a book. Oblivious of the surrounding. Not bothered by the stares.

Enjoying her own company.

Well, your truly has finally learnt to enjoy herself when her better half slogs hard at work. For a while I am sure I won’t be complaining!!


~anu~ said...

wow thats a very relaxed picture! takes me back years in time when you had the same relaxed demeanor about reading a course book in college just before quizzes.. :)
but after all that one goes through in corporate world, and unwinding gets limited to sleeping till late hours or outdoors, this is really refreshing!
where is aman?

Iya said...

u will never forget the way i studied..

And aman has been hit by work Tsunami..he is in b'lore but not to be seen much

Pixie said...

Niiice Iya! :)
What a perfect way to spend a day! :)

Happy Weekend!

Monika said...

yeah mark this as a milestone in ur marriage it will surely take it a long way :)

masood said...

Good good. That is till the mister gets free again! ;)

Nu said...

have a nice 'me' time :) It sounds perfect !!

Iya said...

@ Pixie - yeah i spent a couple of hours like that, waiting for aman to finish his work and for weekend to start!!

@ Monika - i know what u mean..

@ Masood - ya right..

@ Nu - yeah, sometimes spending time with oneself is awesome. Thanks for visiting my space..

Mumbai Diva said...

good for you. trust'll go a long way in keeping you stress free

Swaram said...

Thatz really nice Iya. I got to love my me-time too when the husband is away slogging and it helps a lot :) :)

Iya said...

@ Mumbai Diva - i guess so..
@ Swaram - it does, it really helps..