Monday, August 30, 2010

All our bags are packed..

..and we are ready to move.
The big change is just around the corner. An era in Bangalore comes to an end. And another in Singapore is just about to begin.
It wasn’t an easy decision. But exciting none the less. Bangalore has been our home ever since we got married. And goes without saying what a special place it has in our hearts. We will miss the people we leave behind. We will miss the city.
Last few days have been super hectic. Work, travel, a trip home, meeting friends and saying goodbyes.
And in between all this the mammoth task of deciding what to give away and what to keep.
Packing is in shambles as always. I am leaving behind a lot of stuff, taking just the essentials. And it’s no mean feat to let go of things. Difficult, but kind of elevating, this letting go. And it surely doesn’t come easily to someone who clings on to old battered jeans.
We don’t know for how long we’ll be gone. A few years or maybe some more. We’ll take it as it comes.
Right now the excitement levels are too high. There is this whole new charm to life itself.
Its our last couple of days in Bangalore and time just seems to be running away too soon. There is a lot more to finish. So next update will be from the La Land.