Friday, February 22, 2008

This one is for you M

She – a bong bombshell, a dynamite of a girl. Some one who justifies the saying that all good things come in small packages.
He – tall, lanky, unkempt and extremely intelligent. Some one with a perfect “I care a damn attitude”.

We saw them getting acquainted, then becoming friends and then lovers.

They got married last week and thanks to work I couldn’t attend it. They are now man and wife and here’s wishing them a very very happy married life.

Can’t wait to see the both of you together.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Power of Mind

Came across this beautiful thought and wanted to share it with all those who bother visiting my Blog.

POWER of Mind
P – Picture
O – Ownership
W – Watch for evidence
E – Expect
R – Receive

When we meet someone we form a Picture of that person and we are the Owner of that picture. There after, we start Watching for Evidence to validate the picture that has been created. Further on we Expect only those evidences that justify the picture and as a result we only Receive those indications that once again confirm the picture we had created in the first place. And in this we loose out on knowing and understanding what and how the person is.
This is the POWER of mind which can lead us to the most deep rooted biases.
Can we, for a change leave the canvas blank and let the image take shape on its own.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A request

Please take care of your Health, Family and Career – necessarily in that order.
Sadly, we have our priorities all wrong.
Some things are non negotiable and this is on top of that list. I am trying and I will succeed.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Do I need more Wisdom??

Technically speaking I don’t. Neither do I need and nor do I want any more wisdom. Now before you write me off as some arrogant snob, poor me is only talking about the wisdom tooth. The wisdom tooth on my right lower jaw is desperate to come out, the only problem is that it has lost its way, so instead of growing vertically up, this wisdom tooth went on a joyride and banged horizontally into my molar. On one hand the Molar is defending its spot with all its glory and on the other hand the wisdom tooth is trying very hard to make its way to god only knows where.

And in between this battle for supremacy I am being subjected to the most awful pain bouts. Pain as I have never experienced before. After all wasn’t I just fine with 28 teeth?? I really don’t need 32 of them. Oh god, please deliver me from this. I don’t need any more wisdom.