Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When did that happen??

Surely while I was sleeping. Coz last I remember I was buying Caramel Popcorns for 20 bucks. And this was in a multiplex, in Pune. Yeah, so it was 5 yrs back, but then, so what?
In these 5 yrs, how can the damn thing costs Rs 85. And I don’t remember a single price point in between.
Which means only one thing – thee should buy thy popcorn on its own. Making a sorry face and then blackmailing husband to get popcorn all the time will result in a state of shock sooner of later.
I almost made a fool of myself at the counter. Took one caramel popcorn and handed over the 100 rupee note. The guy gave me 15 rs back and I dutifully waited to get more change. Some strange expressions and his attempt to serve the guy behind me made me realize that the damn thing was indeed Rs 85. But I still stuck my ground and reiterated that I had only bought 1 popcorn and nothing else. Irritated attendant again told me its 85.
Yeah so I am thinking of filing a complaint somewhere? Who will listen to me?
On a related note – I think Inception is mind blasting! I was dazed. Maybe I am writing this in my dream? Go watch it. I have always liked Leo and now the world appreciates him. Revenge Commeth!!