Saturday, January 17, 2009

Off To Punjab

We leave for Punjab tonight.
This is my first ever trip to Punjab during such extreme winters. Bangalore has a way of spoiling us. Be it summers or winters, all months here are just so wonderful.

We are off to attend Sis-in-laws wedding. A grand Punjabi wedding it will be. This time for sure I’ll do a post on Punjabi weddings once I get back.

This vacation was planned almost 6 months back. All necessary arrangements were done accordingly (read leave approvals), but owe it to the market conditions or my luck, my leaves have been chopped to half. This meant I either postponed my travel by a few days or travel on the set date but work from Aman’s home. We choose the second option.
These days not many of us go on a non working vacation, I mean we are reachable most of the time. But work from home means I’ll have to be in-front of my laptop continuously from morning to late evening. Which means I miss out on all the fun and the last minute wedding preparations which at this time will be at its helm. But I am not complaining. At least I have the evenings and nights with family there.

Aman has been transported into a different world all together. He is so full of stories of his childhood. The winter afternoons, the fruit baskets, the parathas, the pani puris, the kite flying. I think it’s a good idea to make him do a guest post on this.

I will not be very regular on the Blogosphere for a while now. You see I still feel guilty spending too much time reading and writing blogs when family is around. So will keep hopping here now and then.

Only a few more hours before we leave,and packing is still in shambles. Don’t want to repeat what happened at Bhaiya’s wedding.

So off I go. See ya all soon..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Phone Bina Chain Yahan Re..

Ladies and gentleman, I have yet again (mind it) misplaced my cell phone.
Yes this is true. I lost it 2 days back on a Sunday while parents, Aman and me were in Mysore. No clue where it went. It just vanished.

Well this post is not about the loosing part but about how I feel after loosing it.
Obviously I feel miserable. What with the sister-in-law’s wedding coming up all my energies were focused on shopping for the same and now I’ll have to spend money to buy a new handset.
Since it was a corporate connection I will get a new SIM card with the same number. The worse part is I lost all my contacts. And those who have ever lost a cell phone will know how difficult it is to rebuild the contact list. Looks like I will have to wait till my wedding anniversary to get all the personal numbers in place (the narcissist in me is so sure that all family and friends will call).

It’s been 2 days that I have been without a phone and I have started to like it.
The initial anger and frustration has passed away, and I have started to enjoy this part. It’s been peaceful. This is a pleasant break from the constant ringing. I call people when I want to. I don’t have to answer calls. I am so in love with this freedom. Work is surely getting affected but people desperate to reach me are dropping mails and I am calling them back on my own discretion.
As for family, they can reach me through Aman’s number.

I wish I could remain without a phone. I know that won’t work. But what I have decided instead is to be mobile phoneless (is that a word??) for a few more days.

Let’s see how this experiment turns out to be.