Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jaipur as seen from my lenses....

I got a chance to visit Jaipur earlier this month to attend Prarthna’s wedding. It was a short trip of just 3 days. Rajasthan is one place I have been really enthusiastic about visiting for a long time and somehow the plan has never materialized.

A few clicks
Jaipur is all about color and that is very prominent in all that you find there. You will notice a vibrancy in everything be it clothes, accessories, décor, furnishings, buildings and even food for that matter.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Men will be Men

After another good dinner – thanks to my cook who does an excellent job – I had just settled with “The Inheritance of Loss”. Aman was sitting next to me browsing through the latest edition of Outlook Business.
Suddenly I noticed him ogling at something in the magazine and then I heard a “wow” followed by “what a beauty” and then some more awestruck expressions.
Now this made my imagination run wild. Was he staring at Shakira or was that Angelina Jolie?? Or was it Beyonce or maybe our desi Bipasha???
I called out to him but he completely ignored. Huh that was it. How could he admire other women right under my nose??? I did a full summersault and grabbed the magazine to check out the object of his imagination and guess what I saw there – “a Black BMW”

I did manage to make a complete fool of myself. Aman will be bursting with laughter each time he remembers this. Never mind. And did I say that it’s a happy and relived me..