Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Loggerhead: This is a common English word which means “a stupid fellow”. At Loggerhead means “in disagreement”

But the origin of this word lies in the sea. Loggerhead is a Tropical Sea Turtle with a large head and a hard shell. Now there are some things really intriguing about this creature which weighs almost 300 pounds, is 3-4 feet in length and goes on to live for almost 100 years. It has a keen sense of smell and a even keener sense for survival.

After living in the sea for over 20 or more years, the female loggerhead returns to the place of its birth, the beach, this time to nest. She travels hundreds of miles in the Atlantic with hundreds of fertile eggs inside her. Now what makes the female loggerhead come back to the same place to nest? Is it some kind of genes, or smell or sound? There is no answer to that yet. She leaves the sea her familiar home and ventures out on the beach to lay her eggs which she does far from the shore and covers them with sand. She cries, tears running down. These are called the mothers tears, the tears that signify her pain coz she would be leaving these eggs behind, never to come back to see if they survived.

That’s what it boils down too. Reproduction only for the survival of the species. But as a mother she knows and she cries.

Each of us are in this race for survival and we have 2 options: either run the same race fastest or run a unique race. Not sure how many of us do opt for running a unique race? But yes to all those who do, that’s the way it is….

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Its a new start!!!

I have been a thinker all through. But have been extremely lazy to write. This is a year of promises for me. Ahhmmm. And these are promises I have made to myself. There are loads of them and in no particular order:

Loose weight
Be patient
Save money

And I now intentionally want to add blogging to it. It seems like I could have started when I was still studying or when I had just fallen in love or when I was about to get into the corporate world. Musings would have been so positive then. Now here I am - part of the number game. Oh yes, u are only a number in your organization. No matter how much difference u make, how far does the ripple go... but anyways more of those latter. This is just to let u guys know that I am on the scene. And will write whenever I am happy, sad, depressed, excited. Living and loving it.