Saturday, February 24, 2007

Its a new start!!!

I have been a thinker all through. But have been extremely lazy to write. This is a year of promises for me. Ahhmmm. And these are promises I have made to myself. There are loads of them and in no particular order:

Loose weight
Be patient
Save money

And I now intentionally want to add blogging to it. It seems like I could have started when I was still studying or when I had just fallen in love or when I was about to get into the corporate world. Musings would have been so positive then. Now here I am - part of the number game. Oh yes, u are only a number in your organization. No matter how much difference u make, how far does the ripple go... but anyways more of those latter. This is just to let u guys know that I am on the scene. And will write whenever I am happy, sad, depressed, excited. Living and loving it.


~anu~ said...

welcome aboard!! :)

i 7 said...

Willkommen :)

mindspace said...

hey 2 yrs of blogging is a journey in itself. cool.. so how are you doing on the 3 promises u made 2 yrs back..?

Iya said...

Tara, thats a touchy topic...
Weight, i gained a lot more
Money, i spent some more
Patient - will have to check with Aman..