Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pizza Woes

I had been watching those Pizza Hut World Food Fest ads on TV for quite some time and was waiting with all my heart to get there and sink my teeth into those yummy, cheesy, delicious pizza’s as soon as it was launched. They had raised my expectations so high that the first opportunity I got, I coaxed Aman to the nearest Pizza Hut outlet. And that chance came only this weekend. Those ads had my appetite go out of the roof. Let me confess something here – I am a great lover of Pizza. Yeah, I know I am not suppose to divulge such gory details aloud but that’s the truth. And here they were offering Mexican, Lebanese, Chinese and French over and above the regular American and Italian.

So there I was, all hungry ready to devour.
I browsed the menu and the creepy feeling of disillusionment started to set in. They only had 1, I repeat 1, pizza each in the Mexican, Lebanese and Chinese non vegetarian category. French was not even there!!!!!! This couldn’t be true. Aman sat there giving me an “I told you so” look. This couldn’t be the World Food Fest. I kept reading the menu for quite sometime hoping a new page would pop up giving me some more options. As expected nothing like that happened. We finally ordered a pan pizza of each variety of the only 3 that they had to offer. And yeah it wasn’t mind blowing at all. Alas, being heart broken would be an understatement.

Well this is not the first time I have been lured by commercials only to be disappointed by the end product. Now that’s the power of marketing and right messaging. But don’t these guys realize the cost involved?
In my stint with ICICI selling general insurance, I kept repeating to my team never to wrong sell. There is nothing more alarming than an irate customer. And sooner these marketers realize this healthier it will be.
As for me, Pizza Hut will have to do something really special to win me back. Till then its Dominos Pizza all the way...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Go Goa

GOA here we come!!!!!

The countdown begins - 5 days.....

Watch this space for more.......

Friday, August 24, 2007

Magic called LOVE!!!

It was yet another tiring day at work. Had been slogging since 8 in the morning. Had a horrible ache in my left arm and this pain more than making me uncomfortable was also giving me jitters. The dreaded RSI (repetitive strain injury)!!!!! I had recently seen a colleague of mine being off work for almost 15 days because of that. And I in no way could afford this.
Well popped a few pain killers and forgot about it.

Finally left office at around 9 only to be welcomed by the most horrid traffic jam on the doomed Hosur Road. The traffic was stagnant. And my bus was moving like an inch in an hour (ok that’s an exaggeration but this will help you understand my state). I was almost ready to collapse on the nearest surface which deserved me. Hungry, irritated, tired, over worked and in pain. Now that’s a life I never thought I would have when I was doing that MBA.

Well this post is not a crib session. What I wanted to write about was quite something else. Yes, so it was 10:30 and I was almost nearing home and it was raining like the clouds would never get a chance again. Aman usually picks me up from the bus stop even though it’s just a 5 minutes walk to home but he doesn’t want his wifey dear to walk (and neither does the wife ;) ). So there he was to take me home.

The moment I saw him, with that smile on his face and that warmth in his eyes I was a different person. There goes my anger, my stress and the fact that I was so tired. Now this is what I call love and I am blessed to have Aman. That serene tranquility that overwhelms me every time I meet him is the reason I can sustain my work. This is the magic of love. And that’s my elixir to life.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alice in the wonderland

One thing that Neha, my little sister, absolutely loves doing is to SLEEP. She can do that anytime of the day. And strangely things like noise, light and people don’t matter to her at all. You can see the pleasure on her face when she is in that deep slumber. I use to hate waking her up as she was sweetest that way. Serene and calm, her joy was almost opaque for us to feel it.
Now this little kid (well not that little anyways) decided to do an MBA and choose for herself a college that has classes 7 days a week and 365 days a year, a minimum of 10 hours a day and that’s when the days are good.
Ironies of life, but that’s how it is.

So now this Alice had no option but to wake up and get going with the real world. Her dreamy ways have given way to a focused approach. And she is fighting like a true soldier to make things rock.

Want to wish her the very best in this new interesting and highly strenuous phase of life.

You will surely come out as a Champion baby...

Monday, August 13, 2007

When Aman was unwell...

I have never understood how my mamma managed all that she did. Even now when I am miles away from her she always knows if I am upset or troubled or unwell. And I keep thinking that she is a super human and that I can never be like her when my time comes.

But I was amazed at myself. A few weeks back Aman went down with high fever and body ache. It was the dreaded viral attack. Aman who is incapable of sitting at one place for more than 5 minutes was confided to his bed for almost 5 days. It was the first time since our marriage that Aman was this sick. And how much it pained me to see this naughtiest soul in this state. It was the first time I felt motherly. And I kept thinking I am incapable of feelings like my mom. Suddenly all that mom use to do and say became crystal clear. I understood where she got her energy from and how she managed all.
Aman was like a little baby doing everything that you can expect from an unwell kid. Not eating, not sleeping, not taking rest, not being warm and I like his mom coaxed him into everything that should have been done. This was yet another time a realized how much I loved him and how I just couldn’t handle his sickness.
This was the first time I felt like his mom and also the first time I realized how it would feel to really be a mother.

My Friend.....

My Friend.....

Tall and lanky, intelligent and dusky this girl had the ability to make you real uncomfortable just by her gaze. A rebel and a fighter. She was bound to be successful in her career. It was her personal life I had my doubts about.
Whirlwind romances had been a part of her existence from the moment she was capable. Never flushed by the end of any of them.
And then one day she fell in love. I know for sure she tried stopping herself. She hated being slave to any such emotion. But she had already treaded a bit too far into this relationship. And then they decided to get married only to face much surprised opposition at home. Fought and fought she did because she was so use to fighting for everything she wanted. God had some different plans for this troubled child of his. Seeing that nothing was working any more, she like a wounded soul decided to end her life. She took that big step.

She is alive. Yeah she was saved only to be on life support for more than 3 months. She doesn’t remember what she did or why she did.

I hated her so much when they told me. I still hate her for what she did. That energetic vibrant friend of mine is replaced by this lost girl who can’t even remember what she had for lunch.

And they guy in question – chickened out like it was always expected of him. He is now married and enjoying his new life. As for my friend, god’s troubled child, she has become someone with no aim no desire.

Is there anything to get that rebel back who did everything that our so called moral books defy? I do not know. Hoping some day I’ll delete this post from my blog and that will only happen when my friend will be able to understand what I have written.