Friday, August 24, 2007

Magic called LOVE!!!

It was yet another tiring day at work. Had been slogging since 8 in the morning. Had a horrible ache in my left arm and this pain more than making me uncomfortable was also giving me jitters. The dreaded RSI (repetitive strain injury)!!!!! I had recently seen a colleague of mine being off work for almost 15 days because of that. And I in no way could afford this.
Well popped a few pain killers and forgot about it.

Finally left office at around 9 only to be welcomed by the most horrid traffic jam on the doomed Hosur Road. The traffic was stagnant. And my bus was moving like an inch in an hour (ok that’s an exaggeration but this will help you understand my state). I was almost ready to collapse on the nearest surface which deserved me. Hungry, irritated, tired, over worked and in pain. Now that’s a life I never thought I would have when I was doing that MBA.

Well this post is not a crib session. What I wanted to write about was quite something else. Yes, so it was 10:30 and I was almost nearing home and it was raining like the clouds would never get a chance again. Aman usually picks me up from the bus stop even though it’s just a 5 minutes walk to home but he doesn’t want his wifey dear to walk (and neither does the wife ;) ). So there he was to take me home.

The moment I saw him, with that smile on his face and that warmth in his eyes I was a different person. There goes my anger, my stress and the fact that I was so tired. Now this is what I call love and I am blessed to have Aman. That serene tranquility that overwhelms me every time I meet him is the reason I can sustain my work. This is the magic of love. And that’s my elixir to life.


Vincent said...

Lovely! What touched me was the special couple here Iya. These are days when you see more broken young couples than happy ones! As one who feels that a strong family is the very essential for civilization to survive and prosper, it sure is lovely to see Iya and Aman. May you both remain happily married for very very many years!!

And yes - you write beautifully too! :)

Iya said...

Vincent - Touchwood!!

Ekta said...

That was lovely Iya Dear...I have no words to say how happy i felt reading it... There is truly no magic like "LOVE" !!!

Anonymous said...

Few days back, I accidentally got landed on your blog and after reading couple of post I got interested to read more. FYI, I read all the posts on your blog right from the starting almost in one go.

Let me compliment you that your style of writing is quite good and have now subscribed your blog in my feed reader so that I can read your posts in future. For me reading your blog is not about pepping into the life of couple. In some posts I really liked your way of expression and hence I thought to carry on.

Why I choose this particular post to comment upon? It's because this one is the best according to me. We Indians are quiet emotional people you know that and this post is oozing with emotions. The love is the eternal truth of life and I'm glad that you n Aman understand that very well.

So wishing both of you good in the life and keep blogging.