Monday, November 29, 2010

The great Singapore Sale

The great Singapore Sale, where art thou? Come soon and rescue me, for there is a compulsive need to shop and some discounts would do no harm! Yeah, so it’s not like I have landed in Singapore from some god forsaken village which didn’t have the variety or the choice to offer. Bangalore is pretty decent and throw in a couple of trips to Australia, Delhi and Bangkok (remember?? GRIN!!!!!! in between and you can get all you want!!

Which means that there has to be a divine power at play here? Did I sleep too close to the Sophie Kinsella’s confession of a shopaholic? I guess not. So why my lord why, am I behaving like this? I am buying like I am on a vacation to Singapore and will never ever get a chance again in this life time. And it doesn’t help to have ones office at a stone’s throw from the main shopping area. But the madness needs to end, so, today, on this blog I make a promise, 2 more pairs of shoes and no more shopping till Christmas!! Heehaw!!!!!!!!!

And in another news, I loved Guzarish. Period!! Stop complaining people and stop being overly critical. It’s a good movie and Hrithik is awesome. We have become a race of complainers. We need to complain no matter what. Its not perfection that we are looking for, its just the sad pleasure we get in putting things down! Ah, anyways, that’s a lot of gyan from Prof Malhotra!So, did ya watch Guzarish yet?

Monday, November 22, 2010

From Where We Left

The baby has been ignored way too much. I have been a very bad girl. And no excuses this time. There is so much happening in life that I can write a book, let alone a blog post. But then, when there is way too much happening in life, something’s do take a beating. And in my case it was my once cherished blog. So no more saying I will be regular, it’s rather I be regular and say later.
Settling-in in Singapore has been far easier than I ever imagined. Things have fallen into place pretty smoothly. The home, office and the works!! So good so far.
Have been doing a lot of “exploring the city” kinda stuff over the weekends. Shopping is at an all time high and I really need to put a stop on that. This retail therapy will soon put me into forced financial therapy. The holes in the pockets are getting bigger by the day but the temptation seems to outdo any sane thinking. But there is one thing that I am sorely missing and that’s my book shopping. Not that there are no book stores here, there are and in plenty. What I miss is reading Indian Authors, which in the last few years meant reading beyond Salman Rushdie and Vikram Seth. Those gems are unfortunately not available. So my respite is Amazon but you see the feel is missing.
These few initial months in Singapore have also led to some realizations. A very close friend always said that cooking for her acts like a stress buster, so even after a very hectic day at work, she would get back and cook and feel fresh. I never understood that while I was in India. But strangely, here in Singapore, I have started to enjoy cooking. Although we still eat out a lot even on weekdays, yet I have started to look forward to doing my bit in the kitchen. Like I say, we are always learning more about ourselves and this is the latest self discovery! Aman is busy basking in this new found interest of mine; let me see how many weeks will this last.
So how has life been with you all? Let me be really good and open my Google Reader now!!