Monday, April 5, 2010

Bang Bang Bangkok

Now what happens when you are stranded in a place like Bangkok in between 2 flights? Add to it the fact that you are all alone, the Laptop refuses to start, the hotel looks totally uninviting and the head is buzzing with ideas.

So what if you have just landed after a 9 hours flight? So what if you haven’t slept for 3 nights? So what if all your body needs is sleep and rest. So what if the heat and humidity is completely unbearable. When have all these been a deterrent to a “lady on mission”?

That’s exactly what happened last week. On my way back from Melbourne to Bangalore, I had more than a 10 hours halt at Bangkok. Landed, cleared immigration, took a visa, reached the hotel, slept for 1 hour and lo behold, I was all set to undergo the therapy that works like none.

After a quick round of investigation I closed down on 3 shopping destinations. After all there is only as much one can cover in half a day. Well fed and armed with the essentials i.e. lots of Thai Bhat, a cold water of bottle, sun glasses, flat footwear, and focused mind, I was raring to go.

What transpired in between is any girls guess. 8 pair of footwear, 5 Bags, 5 skirts, 30 plus tops, 2 dozen odd accessories, few jackets, some sleepwear, a empty pocket and really heavy bags.

And I am not kiddin’ when I say heavy. Heavy to the extent that my fingers were swollen after a while. I had to remove my rings to give way to the swelling. But when the heart is determined who cares about a bit of pain.

Finally, I had to get back to the airport, not because I thought I had shopped enough but because I didn’t want to miss my flight back home. By now my fingers were as thick at sausages, numb with pain and totally lifeless. So the only way to carry the bags was on my fore arms. Yes, I looked demented, a spectacle worth a laugh. But who cares, behind the layer of pain was a very happy heart.

Writing this today, as fingers took a while to get back to normal. Happy and content and the pain is now gone, but the gain is there to stay!!!


Aaarti said...

hahaha. sounds like one awesome Bangkok stopover! :D

cool blog, 1st time here

mindspace said...

All I could see in this post was 8-5-5-30 & two dozen.. WOW.. what a riot of shopping that is!

Indyeah said...

Pics pics pics! :D shopping done? and that too one that ended with heavy bags?
pics plss. I will 'senko' my eyes :D

Swaram said...

I agree with Tara too ... were any of them gifts too :P

Iya said...

@ Aaarti - welcome, thanks and hope to see u around!

@ Tara - heavenly, btw, where are u blogging these days? my blogroll says u havent updated for a long time now, is it right?

@ Indyeah - good idea, u want the pics of the stuff, or pics on me posing in them..

@ Swaram - come to bangalore and take what ever u wish..

mindspace said...

you are right, blogspot isnt being updated now, for quite a long time. I moved to wordpress.. the link is there on the blog that is listed in ur blogroll... do come over :) i thought u hv stopped reading blogs or just mine at lease!

Monika said...

beware before offering whatever... i am in blore and might raid the shopping ;-)

Iya said...

@ Tara - i have hardly read any blogs for a while now..
trying to get back..

@ Mon - darlin' that offer was for out stationed readers !! LOL..

Masood said...

hey i can relate to this...not completely but quite a bit. Now can u believe me when i say i was working frm my phone! :)

~anu~ said...

what!! you blew all your money! :( mera birthday aa raha hai :( ab?

Anonymous said...

I am always amused by how much stamina we ladies have for shopping! And I can just imagine the "rush" you may have felt at the end of it!

Reema said...

omg!! u r a shopaholic just like me :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My first visit here :-)
What a stopover that was :-) Lucky you :-)
Reminds me of the time my parents took me and my sis to Bangkok and we returned home with loads and loads and loads of silly unnecessary things :-) Sigh! Gone are the good old days when Dads used to pay and Kids only used to shop!
Nice post, Iya :-)

Anonymous said...

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AMIT said...

So in Bangalore you shopped too much?

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