Monday, June 29, 2009

June Update

It’s been a hectic and busy month. Work showed no respite, it never does, I guess its time I should stop hoping too.

Aman’s side of the family came visiting. And like good hosts we packed them all and took them to Coorg. (Pics are up on FB and Orkut, one on the header up there). Lush, green and raining. The heat tortured souls from North of the country couldn’t have asked for anything more. We stayed in the interiors of Coorg, in the midst of the coffee plantations. Lovely food, awesome weather and the most scenic surroundings. It was picture perfect.

We also did a quick 2 day trip to Chennai. For the uninitiated, the Bangalore – Chennai highway is splendid, be it the road or the landscaping. Parts of it are quite a delight. Chennai was horrible. I am sure the city is nice, but the weather was pathetic, and that for me is such a put off. For that reason I truly couldn’t enjoy it. It was sticky and humid and hot. You know the kinds where your own hair and skin irritate you.

For the good deed of the month – I forgo my official tour to Singapore to be with Aman’s side of the family. Now isn’t he lucky to be married to me?

For the highlight of the month – Younger sister has finally moved to Bangalore, bag and baggage. If you remember I was upset a while back and this was the reason. But now she is here and I couldn’t have been happier.

And yes, for the achievement of the month, I have learnt swimming. As in I have moved ahead from just the playful splash splash. I still have a long way to go, but who says I can’t rejoice small achievements.

I have missed blogging and reason being the lack of time. I have also missed reading a lot of your blogs, but I am doing the catching up. Bear with me all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some gentleman I must say

After my previous experience with Sakaal Times printing my blog post without permission, even small gestures of asking permission mean a lot.

I got a mail the other day from this guy called George. He runs a website called He was in the process of writing a review of this restaurant called Grasshopper in Bangalore that I so love. I had written about it a long time back.

He wanted to refer my blog url as part of his article and also use the picture. He could have done it and I wouldn’t have even realized. But no Sir, the guy duly wrote asking me if he could use my review. Of course I agreed. Feeling nice about his nicety.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And I am almost famous

One of my posts written in January has been picked up by Sakaal Times, and has been printed in their print newspaper.
This is the link to that old post.

Now Sakaal Times picked up the post, changed the title from Hindi to English and printed it verbatim. They have mentioned my name and my blog url.
Here is the link and below is the snapshot.

Now you may ask me, how in June, I discovered something that had happened in January. The reason is that the narcissist in me got active suddenly and I googled my blog url to discover this.

Now if you ask me, I don’t really mind. But it would have been polite of them to have mailed me seeking permission. Ok, permission is too strong a word, but maybe they could have at least informed me? Nah, don’t you think so too?

Now since I had to do something about it, I put it on twitter. Thereafter I mailed them, to which they haven’t replied yet. I also called their offices but couldn’t speak to anyone who would take responsibility.

Its ok, I don’t feel this is big enough to take up a fight.
Just wanted to share with my blog buddies my new celebrity status!!! don’t grin.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It’s sometimes nice to fall sick...

...that is if you have someone like I have who absolutely pampers you.
So me down with some stomach infection. The pain started yesterday. We have been using Bisleri water dispenser for last 3 years for our drinking and cooking water purpose.
Since I haven’t eaten any outside food in 2 days, this infection has to be attributed to water.
The moment Aman realized he got into action. A Eureka Forbes guy was called to come and install their latest RO water purifier. 15k spent just like that, but I love it :)

Since yesterday I didn’t sleep well (for the pain was killing me), today morning he woke up before I could and before our morning helps come in. We haven’t figured out a way of switching off the door bell. So before anyone could ring the bell, Aman was up and had the main door open. Maid came and was instructed not to enter my room for cleaning. The cook was asked to cook very quietly without making too much noise with the utensils.

I woke up on my own, to realize that Aman was late for his office. Steaming cup of tea and breakfast in the bed followed. And then medicines. He was late for work but didn’t leave till I was done with eating. There after he tucked me in the bed, gave me my laptop with the warning that I will take rest. He stocked the table with supply of food and then left for work.

So is it wrong if I say I am enjoying being sick. Am I mad?

Ps – I am under the influence of pain killers, so I might have just rambled. And I don’t feel like going through the post to edit it. Please don’t leave nasty comments!!