Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And I am almost famous

One of my posts written in January has been picked up by Sakaal Times, and has been printed in their print newspaper.
This is the link to that old post.

Now Sakaal Times picked up the post, changed the title from Hindi to English and printed it verbatim. They have mentioned my name and my blog url.
Here is the link and below is the snapshot.

Now you may ask me, how in June, I discovered something that had happened in January. The reason is that the narcissist in me got active suddenly and I googled my blog url to discover this.

Now if you ask me, I don’t really mind. But it would have been polite of them to have mailed me seeking permission. Ok, permission is too strong a word, but maybe they could have at least informed me? Nah, don’t you think so too?

Now since I had to do something about it, I put it on twitter. Thereafter I mailed them, to which they haven’t replied yet. I also called their offices but couldn’t speak to anyone who would take responsibility.

Its ok, I don’t feel this is big enough to take up a fight.
Just wanted to share with my blog buddies my new celebrity status!!! don’t grin.


Hopeless Romantic said...

If they didnt included the url of ur blog, i wld have been not that happy abt someone stealing ur post..but i guess it helps :)....i am thinking of doing the same now for my blog :P

Mampi said...

Not sure if i should be congratulating you or not.
But the heading of the post prompts me to say - yay, yu are a celebrity.

Solilo said...

I was about to congratulate you :) I will anyways do it. At least here they gave your name and link. Still what stops them from e-mailing and asking permission. :|

Mumbai Diva said...

I think congratulations are due. it's basically acknowledgement of the fact that you write well. And they did put in your url. Yup, i think celebrity status!! you should enjoy it!! :)

Just call me 'A' said...

wa wa where is the treat :D. They acknowledge the source. That is important but yeah i agree they should have contacted you.
i remember reading this post. in fact i think it was the first post i comment on, in your blog.

:) party party party

Just call me 'A' said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Just call me 'A' said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Masood said...

Well, I think they should have atleast informed you. Like FYI types.

But one thought always come to mind. When we publish posts on a blog and it is a public blog, then why do we object on someone copying or publishing the blog posts elsewhere? It is, after all, available on the internet without any disclaimer or copywrite. Just like we look up for stuff on the net and use it for our projects/reports/presentations etc whatever. So technically they haven't done anything wrong, have they? But yes, basic courtesy and ethics say they should have checked with you before doing so. That I agree. But just wondering...

Imp's Mom said...

Yay celebrity!! :)

Congrats... hey they credited u!


Preeti said...

Congrats !!
its nice to see your work in print !!

and i went back and read the article. good one

Meira said...

Wow...that definitely is something. Great news :)

Piper .. said...

:):) congrats on the celebrity status!! :) first time here. Just wanted to say hello, after the warm comment you left on my blog. Are you from Ranchi too??shall email you at length.

Rush said...

looking at the fact that they put up ur url..its not worth the fight..but yeah, talk of decency and they dont seem to have any!!

u keep writing lady..u write good!!

Indyeah said...

Congratulations celebrity!!:))))
they should have informed you though are right about that.. :l

Why are you hurt ?:(( why are you not taking up my tag?:((

not fair!:(((
I dont know the reason :(

Just call me 'A' said...


you wanted a new look for your blog right? try some of these free blogger templates.

Deeps said...

Congratulations,first of all to the new celebrity on the block!
Yes you're right the least they could have done is intimated you!
Nonetheless bask in the glory!!

Ekta said...

First of all, Congratulations on becoming famous! It indeed would have elated you no matter what.. After all who doesn't like to be famous :-)

D said...

Had they not mentioned your blog url, this would have been another case of plagiarism. Thankfully, it's not! In which case, this is so flattering. Well done!

Iya said...

thanks guys, not sure if this was worth the congratulations..the post was written in humor.
the reason i didn’t make a hue and cry was coz firstly it didn’t seem worth the effort and secondly they had mentioned the url.. so i kinda let it pass..