Monday, September 29, 2008

And I still haven’t seen Rock On…

Yes that’s true. I still haven’t seen the movie. Talk about dependency here. Aman saw the premier show way back while I was in Australia. And the dude is not ready to watch it again. So that leaves me with the option of watching it with friends or watching it alone. I am a sucker for company so obviously watching alone doesn’t work out. As for friends I have made plans more than a couple of times only to cancel it last moment. I think destiny is playing a role here. Maybe the divine forces don’t want me to watch this movie. So what if Arjun Rampal looks absolutely hot and Farhan Akhtar is jaw dropping good looking. Who cares???

And did someone say that “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. Now why isn’t the universe listening?? I really do want to watch this movie. Please please, someone conspire and make this possible. I would love a surprise from any of my friends reading this.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Balika Vadhu on Colors

I have read quite a few blog posts lambasting the serial “Balika Vadhu” being shown on Colors.
Well I don’t agree.
“Balika Vadhu” is set up in the rural Rajasthan and as the name suggests, the serial is about the ill practice of Child Marriage.
We might want to believe otherwise but the fact of the matter remains that Child Marriage although illegal is still quite prevalent in India.
Personally I had never given too much thought to this practice ever before till I saw a few episodes. Its heart wrenching to realize that these customs are being followed with enthusiasm almost 60 years post the independence.
The young girl who plays the role of the protagonist “Anandi” is quite convincing in her act. I don’t want to get into the story and the screenplay here. That’s for you to watch.

What I wanted to write about was the fact that after a long time I have found a prime time soap that I quite like. I am no fan of Hindi Saas Bahu kinda soaps. The only programs I like watching other than the good old “Friends” are the reality shows and now even these are putting me off.
But Balika Vadhu is different. Its keeps me hooked. The timing (Monday to Friday, 8:00 pm) doesn’t suit me so I end up watching the back to back reruns on Saturday afternoons. Balika Vadhu has topped the TRP ratings with 4.2 points.
What has worked for the serial is the plot. Child marriage is something completely alien to the Urban TV watchers. We have hardly seen any movies and not even a single serial made on this plot. The fact that this custom is so alien yet so prevalent in rural India makes this serial a hit. It’s a definite risk that the content team from Colors has taken and no doubt it has worked in their favor. They have touched upon a custom deeply engraved in our rural society. It is something we don’t see or experience in our city lives and that’s exactly what gives this program the punch. And this is contrary to the latest trend where the focus is on the hip and urban youth. And this proves only 1 fact – “there is no formula for success”.

It’s been on air for about 3 months and so far so good. Not sure how it will turn out in the due course of time. But as of now – I am loving it!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Do we see a pattern here???

Check this out:

Shah Rukh Khan is the Brand Ambassador for Pepsi, and sooner than later we find Aamir Khan as the brand ambassador for Coke.
Shah Rukh Khan sells Sunfeast, and Aamir has been recently signed for selling Monaco from Parle
Shah Rukh Khan endorses Nokia and lately we see Aamir doing so for Samsung
Shah Rukh Khan has been screaming Hyundai Santro and now I10 for a long time and after some delay we saw Aamir Khan subtly promoting Toyota Innova
Shah Rukh Khan started promoting the Tag Heuer and Aamir followed suit with Titan.
And the most recent one, where Shah Rukh Khan has been the face of Dish TV, Aamir has started selling Tata Sky

Is this the simple formula the industry has been following or is it mere coincidence?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The High Heel Story

Can someone please explain to me how ladies manage stilettos? I mean how is it humanly possible to wear something so uncomfortable and still look fresh and cheerful? Its not that I don’t wear heels. I do. But I am immensely on edge. Half my attention is on ensuring that the discomfort is not quite apparent on my face.

For me it’s a vicious circle. Let me explain. There isn’t any denying that these high heeled shoes come in the most mouth watering designs. And that fact forces me to buy them. Now buying and not wearing obviously makes me feel guilty. Therefore I end up wearing them too. And there begins my tale of woes.

The first couple of hours usually pass like a dream giving me the impression that finally I have learnt the art of walking properly in the high heeled shoes.

It’s in the next few hours that the early feeling of numbness sets in.

And then it keeps getting worse. Worse to the extent that after a full day in those heels I almost always limp back home with shoes not in my feet but in my hand.

What follows is a series of remedial measures of soaking my feet in hot water, getting a massage, antiseptic treatments and finally pain killers.

Almost vindictive, what I do next is anybodies guess. I keep these high heels in the lowest shelf of the shoe rack where there are already dozen such high heels to even avoid looking at them.

But like all wounds these wounds also heal. And then I am back with the excuse to myself that my attire would look hideous if I don’t pair it up with the appropriate “high heeled shoes”. And so the story continues.

But coming back to where I started, can someone please explain how women manage those “High Heels”