Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Balika Vadhu on Colors

I have read quite a few blog posts lambasting the serial “Balika Vadhu” being shown on Colors.
Well I don’t agree.
“Balika Vadhu” is set up in the rural Rajasthan and as the name suggests, the serial is about the ill practice of Child Marriage.
We might want to believe otherwise but the fact of the matter remains that Child Marriage although illegal is still quite prevalent in India.
Personally I had never given too much thought to this practice ever before till I saw a few episodes. Its heart wrenching to realize that these customs are being followed with enthusiasm almost 60 years post the independence.
The young girl who plays the role of the protagonist “Anandi” is quite convincing in her act. I don’t want to get into the story and the screenplay here. That’s for you to watch.

What I wanted to write about was the fact that after a long time I have found a prime time soap that I quite like. I am no fan of Hindi Saas Bahu kinda soaps. The only programs I like watching other than the good old “Friends” are the reality shows and now even these are putting me off.
But Balika Vadhu is different. Its keeps me hooked. The timing (Monday to Friday, 8:00 pm) doesn’t suit me so I end up watching the back to back reruns on Saturday afternoons. Balika Vadhu has topped the TRP ratings with 4.2 points.
What has worked for the serial is the plot. Child marriage is something completely alien to the Urban TV watchers. We have hardly seen any movies and not even a single serial made on this plot. The fact that this custom is so alien yet so prevalent in rural India makes this serial a hit. It’s a definite risk that the content team from Colors has taken and no doubt it has worked in their favor. They have touched upon a custom deeply engraved in our rural society. It is something we don’t see or experience in our city lives and that’s exactly what gives this program the punch. And this is contrary to the latest trend where the focus is on the hip and urban youth. And this proves only 1 fact – “there is no formula for success”.

It’s been on air for about 3 months and so far so good. Not sure how it will turn out in the due course of time. But as of now – I am loving it!!!


Dipika said...

Hey, I love the serial too. I love the plot. And really the girl is just too adorable. I also admire the fact that the trps have grown without their giving in to crazy camera movements, weepy women, and crashing sound effects. A great story, simply told.

Iya said...

exactly my point...this is one serial that’s refreshingly different and is also capable of touching the emotional chord...

Anonymous said...

I detest serials, however Balika Vadhu comes as a breath of fresh air. So original and realistic, yet so entertaining. Would really like to see more serials like this, rather than crappy Saas Bahu serials based on deceit, treachery with eye hurting make-up and nerve wrecking background sounds. Balika Vadhu should be a walk up call to serial makers Specially for Ekta Kapoor who seems to have lost it big time.

Anonymous said...

I am working out of India but basically my roots are from Rajasthan but our forefathers shifted to BIG City in Maharashtra and now we very seldom go to our native place. This culture presently shown in this serial is 100% correct and has been prevailing since many years or you can say since ages. Here they are showing the Hindu Rajput culture within closed doors, but in muslims of Rajasthan villages they marry their kids at young age but do not bring the young bride to the Boy's home. Her 'Gaunaa' is only done when the boy and girl mature and then she comes home to her in-laws.
I accidently landed watching this serial and today I am a very big ardent fan os this serial. I would like to thanks and congratulate the Production house for showing this serial with a good message in the end of each episode.
Each character is perfectly built and specially I love the Old 'Maaji Saa' s role. She has done an Excellent job. She perfectly portraits a typical Rajasthani Old Rajput ladys character with great Charm. She reminds me of all our old ladies from Rajasthan who act similarly like here when it comes to protect their family name by hook or crook.
I hope the serial goes on like this and keeps up the good work.
My message to Ekta Kapoor: Pls take some clues and lessons from this serial and try to make some meaningful serials here on.
I once again thank Balika Vadhu's production house and all the sponsors who are supporting it.
Remember knowledge in any form is always good to educate the masses.

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Anonymous said...

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