Friday, February 26, 2010

Of Relationship and interests

Cometh the long weekend and off we go to the beautiful forests of Nilgiris. Holi coupled with the weekend is the perfect excuse. Add to it the fact that both Aman and me have been travelling for a while and have not been able to spend as much time together as we would have liked to. So this is the perfect opportunity to escape.

It’s said that couples should cultivate common interests to enhance their relationship. I am really not sure about the cultivating part. As we never had too. We both love travelling and we both are spontaneous with our travels. We love eating out and experimenting with various cuisines. And once in a while we both get down to cooking together. We love the water and swimming is another thing we do together. We love shopping. So we head out together and then go to respective sections only to meet again at the trail rooms. Life looks all set.

We haven’t made efforts to imbibe each others interests, but we have found a way around it. Like in his free time he watches TV and I stick to my laptop. So we sit together but do different things. He is loves playing and my only association with sports is watching it. So I watch when he plays.

We both read, he likes economics, business and strategy, and I stick to fiction. But atleast we go pick books together.

I am sure there are people out there who make a lot of effort to pick up a hobby just for the sake of their partner. We didn’t, coz we didn’t have to. We had our common interests and we had our not so common interests. And we like it that way. For once, I really don’t understand how someone can read all possible business magazines each month and he really doesn’t understand how I can be fixated with Farmville. But so be it.

It might be important for couples to enjoy stuff together. But it’s equally important to have some varied interests as well. Now if 2 people were just the same won’t 1 be wasted?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Long live Twitter!!

Thanks to a bunch of awesome guys I am following on twitter, I could live my moments of history yesterday. Yes, I am talking about the beautiful innings Sachin played. I mean 200 runs in an ODI. This is exceptional and I have a feeling that this record won’t be broken that easily. It was like God himself was thrashing the SA bowlers all over. It was poetry in motion.

All kinds of cricket sites are blocked in office. The popular ones and the vague ones. Everything. There is absolutely no way of knowing the score. I usually call Aman or dad to find out the latest.

But yesterday was different. Although I shall regret not watching this live for a long long time to come, I nevertheless felt the excitement and the tension, sitting right here in office, thanks to twitter.

The countdown started when Sachin was at 185. And then each ball was broadcasted on twitter, in those 140 words. With anti-jinxes, nervous 190’s, slamming Dhoni, it was like seeing everything live.

With hashtags such as #sachinisgod, #sachin, #cricket, it wasn’t difficult to keep track of what was happening in Gwalior.

Thanks to @meIHM @SupriyaMM @confusedsoul @theevilp @manuscrypts @kushanmitra @trailblazr @hitchwriter for making me live those awesome moments!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So what have I been up to??

Primarily work which kept me super busy. Then some travelling, first to Delhi and Punjab and then to Ranchi. A wedding in between and then some more trips to Singapore and Thailand.

And in between all this there were some brave decisions taken as well. Some doors were knowingly closed with the hope that there will be opportunities in the future as well. At the same time knowing very well that such things don’t happen too often in life.

But for love, everything seems worth while. Such moments make the bond all the more stronger.

I am visiting my blog after ages today. Thanks to all those who checked on me while I was gone. While I didn’t write anything for the past so many months, I also gave reading my favorite blogs a skip. And yes I missed it.