Monday, December 13, 2010

Dance baby dance

I admit! I am a sucker for dance based reality shows. Yeah, laugh now. I don’t care!!
Every time I see these non dancers shake that leg it makes me all dreamy. How I see myself doing just that. And why I say this today is coz’ yet another season of Jhalak Dikh La Ja premiered yesterday. 

My association with dance is pretty old, just like that of any other kid. I have very vivid memories of dancing as a child and I remember being told how good I was at it. This trend continued till my teenage years with number of house parties, for in a town like Ranchi discs were unheard of. But that was then. Gradually the dancer in me retired and now what is left is a girl who can barely shake a leg in the crowded disc and do some vague bhangara steps, thanks to the never ending weddings. But that’s no dance, that’s just moving to the beats.

What I want to learn is proper dance. Salsa, Rumba, Hip-Hop, Fusion, Bollywood. I really do. And this urge becomes strong each time I watch these dance shows. I see myself dancing like the stars.
In fact about 6 months back I even joined a dance school and went for exactly 4 classes. Then work played spoil sport and dance was forgotten along with the fee. But one thing that came out clearly in those 4 classes was how Pathetic I was. I don’t know how and when I will ever manage to get back to learning, but this is surely one thing I want to try, maybe I will suck at it or might be good too. 

Till then let me day dream and see myself participating in one of these shows. What about you, do you dance?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shoes, dont we love thee!

Since I have been talking about shopping and shopping I thought it would be a good idea to give you, my esteemed readers, a sneak peek into my shoe rack. Featured below are only the shoes, of the high heel types, acquired very recently. A little context here will help: I have a self declared shoe obsession. And I buy, whenever I get a chance. Whilst I was moving to Singapore, there was only as much I could bring along. So I gave some to my sister and packed some home. There were still too many left. So I donated, all of 30 plus pairs. Yeah, I didn’t have too much choice, with Aman threatening me and Dad coaxing me, I gave in.

This only means the need to refurbish the depleted collection. Posting some pictures below, because you wanted to see it!!
To go with the new brown dress!

The Comfy ones
The essential ones

These are a shade of Grey, dunno why they look Cream.

Love these,

These look awesome with skirts.

Peep toes!

This happens only in Singapore..

This happened 2 days back, it was pretty late by the time we got out of office. Late enough to throw out of the window, the idea of going home and cooking. So we decided to finish mundane responsibilities like feeding ourselves till we burst and then heading home to crash on the super comfortable new mattress we just bought. Ah the mattress, I tell you, is like a sucker of all aches and stress. I actually wake up fresh as a daisy. The old one that the land lady gave us was like that inflated bouncer children play on. Can’t say what we went through with that!!! But I digress.

Coming back to what happened two days back. We decided to have dinner and choose this cute little bistro right below my office. The weather was good, quite unlike Singapore, so we decided to sit out. We placed our order, food came, the server left us alone and we ate and ate and ate. And then we got up, got into a cab and left. Pretty normal, if you ask me? Ha, only one slight deviation. We forgot to pay the bill in fact we even forgot to call for the bill. This we realized only after we had reached home and had settled on the said comfortable mattress.

Now like any other  responsible people, we should have gone back and paid them first thing next day, which we wanted to do, but we didn’t, because we were super busy, after all the Singapore economy will crumble down if we get late to work.  And then we forgot about it. Till today when we sat in a café right next to the said bistro sipping the high on calorie cappuccino. And then this server came to us. I had visions of her calling the cops and handcuffing us. But, ladies and gentleman, before we could start apologizing, she started saying sorry, first for interrupting our coffee and then for asking us for her truly deserved money. I almost fell of my chair. She relentlessly kept saying she was sorry and I kept saying the same. In the end no one knew who the guilty was.  Matter ended peacefully!! I am so going back to this place; this time will pay up at the start of the meal though!