Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shoes, dont we love thee!

Since I have been talking about shopping and shopping I thought it would be a good idea to give you, my esteemed readers, a sneak peek into my shoe rack. Featured below are only the shoes, of the high heel types, acquired very recently. A little context here will help: I have a self declared shoe obsession. And I buy, whenever I get a chance. Whilst I was moving to Singapore, there was only as much I could bring along. So I gave some to my sister and packed some home. There were still too many left. So I donated, all of 30 plus pairs. Yeah, I didn’t have too much choice, with Aman threatening me and Dad coaxing me, I gave in.

This only means the need to refurbish the depleted collection. Posting some pictures below, because you wanted to see it!!
To go with the new brown dress!

The Comfy ones
The essential ones

These are a shade of Grey, dunno why they look Cream.

Love these,

These look awesome with skirts.

Peep toes!


Swaram said...

Wowwww! I luv the essential ones and the peep toes the most, err just in case u are coaxed to give them away too :P :P

soul speaks said...

Hi Iya, They are all so good !! keep this display coming it gives inspiration to lazy bums like me !!

take care

Prathima said...

Love the collection. How I wish I had a shopping partner like you:)

Pinku said...

and here I was fooled into believing Iya is such a sweet kind girl.

Turns out you love to torture.


read on.

I have a shoe fetish too and at the moment the only shoes i can wear are boring flats ..thanks to Doc's recommendations ...and then you post these pics.

see what i mean.

Passionate Goof said...

Pretty pretty shoes Iya... looks like you are really living it up in Singapore. :D And I love the new look of the blog, very cool!

Iya said...

@ Swaram - never, will never do that again, you know i still dream of the ones i gave away..

@ soul - haha, how sweet and others were scolding me!!

@ Pinku - aww, didnt meat too..should i do another post on the flats to make u feel better?? hehe

Iya said...

@ Prathima - arre, u come to singapore, i will come shopping with u with all happiness!!

@ Goofy - Thanks a ton dear!

Prathima said...

Wow , that's nice of you to offer, I would definitely remember that next time I come to India/Singapore:)

Scribbler said...

wow lovely designs there :) unfortunately I just don't know how to carry the high heels :( so I always stick to flats...thankfully the height factor has played a good role in my case luckily and I don't 'need' heels as such but I love them :D

Himadri Dimri said...

OMg wow so many ...<3 love em all...