Monday, December 13, 2010

Dance baby dance

I admit! I am a sucker for dance based reality shows. Yeah, laugh now. I don’t care!!
Every time I see these non dancers shake that leg it makes me all dreamy. How I see myself doing just that. And why I say this today is coz’ yet another season of Jhalak Dikh La Ja premiered yesterday. 

My association with dance is pretty old, just like that of any other kid. I have very vivid memories of dancing as a child and I remember being told how good I was at it. This trend continued till my teenage years with number of house parties, for in a town like Ranchi discs were unheard of. But that was then. Gradually the dancer in me retired and now what is left is a girl who can barely shake a leg in the crowded disc and do some vague bhangara steps, thanks to the never ending weddings. But that’s no dance, that’s just moving to the beats.

What I want to learn is proper dance. Salsa, Rumba, Hip-Hop, Fusion, Bollywood. I really do. And this urge becomes strong each time I watch these dance shows. I see myself dancing like the stars.
In fact about 6 months back I even joined a dance school and went for exactly 4 classes. Then work played spoil sport and dance was forgotten along with the fee. But one thing that came out clearly in those 4 classes was how Pathetic I was. I don’t know how and when I will ever manage to get back to learning, but this is surely one thing I want to try, maybe I will suck at it or might be good too. 

Till then let me day dream and see myself participating in one of these shows. What about you, do you dance?


Anonymous said...

oh I love to dance and for about 6 months me and naren both went out for dance classes - salsa, rumba, jazz, cha cha cha what fun it was

weekends were so nice and I still rememeber how we used to pratice everyday evening and as a side effect what a great work out it was :D

chandni said...

i am in your boat, love the idea of dance and am pathetic at it :D

Pinku said...

I cant and just too embarrassed to even try.

but why dont u really get back to learning atleast one form of it since you like it so much...if for nothing else look at it as a healthy thing to do besides so much more fun than doing the same routine everyday at the gym.

Swaram said...

Oh I luvvvv to dance too. Thankfully, hv been dng something as part of annual days @ work, apartments etc.. and so can say am still in touch, though its been 15 yrs since i hv left my dance classes :( :(

Iya said...

@ Mon - u are so cool!!
@ Chandni - so what are you doing about it, I ask??
@ Pinku - getting back is the issue, where is the time??
@ Swaram - Lucky u, i will be too embarrassed to dance, knowing all i can do is twist!

Anonymous said...

If you have this dream of doing salsa n all that in full public glare then Singapore has a potential to fulfil this dream of yours.
I don't know by now you have witnessed this or not but here they organise dance sessions for public. It means people can come to open space and instructor will do some salsa steps and evey one has to follow and learn from the steps of instructor. Number of people may be 50-100 or more. No one knows the real dance but without thinking about others people join such dance session for their pleasure. Mostly such programs are organised as part of "Active aging" activity but it's not like only elderly can participate. On special occassions may be christmas or chinese new year time, they organise huge dance parties on orchard road, bencoolean street or in some open spaces outside malls. I just saw one such program in the Campus of National library @Bugis last week. So may be you look out for your opportunity. May be you can visit your nearest RC centre / NC to get info on such programs. If you want exclusive classes on this then also you can find information on that from RCs.

Hope you get your chance soon and do some foot loose. :)

masood said...

I dance like a stick. Like I have two right feet. I couldn't dance if my life depended on it. There.

Prathima said...

I can't dance even if my life depended on it..Thinking about it, If I were Basanti and Gabbar asked me to dance, Veeru would have been dead before the climax :-)

Scribbler said...

Oh I loveeeee dancing!!

And I've been trained in Bharatnattyam..though didn't complete the course...which I really wish to complete one day !!! *becomes dreamy eyed*

And I love to watch the dance shows too...ditto !!!

Wishing you a happy dancing learning sessions in future..go for it..manage somehow..nothing like fulfilling your wish in life,hai na?

Scribbler said...

@Prathima: lol @ Verru would have been dead ;)

Anonymous said...

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