Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh no not again - The Indian Idol 3 Fiasco!!!

How can Prashant win???
No ways is he better than Amit Paul. Whatever happened to that “may the best man win” spirit?? Amit Paul was a magician with his voice. His soulful numbers and that ever innocent style of singing was such a pleasant refresher.
Prashant on the other hand is a very mediocre singer with nothing outstanding in either his voice quality or his style.

Yet again the public has voted to choose a wrong guy. He is in no way capable of shouldering the responsibility. What ever happened to the last Indian Idol (see I don’t even remember the name)?

When will these polarized voting patterns give way to a more nationalistic approach? This is a clear example of how a fraternity took on itself to ensure that one amongst them reach this position.

I could sense the clear despair among the judges too when the results were announced. None had expected Prashant to win the final and become the third Indian Idol.

I guess we will have to live with this kind of erratic results till better judgment prevails.

Whatever said and done, Amit Paul is and will be my Indian Idol. He has in him to become a great singer and I am sure the who’s who of music industry would have already noticed that.

As for Prashant, I have nothing against him. He looks like a nice guy to me and is a perfect example of a rags to riches story, yet another guy to make the “Indian middle class” proud. But as it is rightly said that with power comes great responsibility. And that’s where I have my doubts!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Its about what you want in life!!

The recent decision of Rahul Dravid to step down as the captain on the Indian Cricket Team has made me go into a speculation mode.

My first reaction as many others was that of shock. Why would he do that all of a sudden? Especially after winning the test series in England. The job of an Indian Cricket Captain is no doubt one of the most high profile jobs in India. A position that oozes power and awe. I thought he was being coward. Shying away for no reason what so ever.

But a more relaxed thinking, after the initial rushed up feelings had died down, made me see the larger picture. What this guy has done is no doubt a brave act. It’s creditable of him to have given up a role of leadership for the betterment of team India.
Heard him recently say with a smile “I take great joy in doing whatever I do well,” and apparently captaincy wasn’t giving him that joy. And we can’t blame him for feeling this way. He has been through rigmarole in the past 2 years. This isn’t the rosiest of jobs after all. He has been blamed for wrong decisions. The system is not free of corruption and he has taken the brunt for that too. And somehow I also get the feeling that the team doesn’t trust and respect him. The job of a captain has been very thankless for him this far.

He has been a great player and few will debate that. I wish with this tiara of thorns now off his head we’ll once more be able to see his finesse in action on those green lawns.

Rahul has decided to be the solider in the winning army rather than be the king of a loosing Army. It’s a far thinking and a gallant one too.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Connect

Some relations need constant attention to be nurtured. They need time, effort and mind share. And the moment you hesitate they loose out on sheen.
And then there are some bonds which never die. How much you ignore them. They are deep enough to last forever.

I have suffered from the “out of sight out of mind” syndrome for quite sometime and have lost quite a few good friends because of that.

So it wouldn’t be an understatement when I say that I was shocked when I received a phone call from my cousin Prarthna last year after a gap of a decade. Yes a decade of absolutely no conversation, no meetings, no letters, no mails, just nothing.
We had spent quite a few memorable vacations together when we were just kids and during our early teen years. Then both of us got busy with life, a greeting card in the first year and then even that stopped.
Prarthna had gone to the effort to take my cell number from her mum who had asked my dad for the same. I don’t know what made her do that all of a sudden, but what ever it was god bless her for making that call. I guess the motivation being the fact that I got married a few months back and she wanted to congratulate me.

I still remember how I had shrieked when she said her name. We spoke like we had met yesterday. Those 10 years seem to just melt away. We spoke for a long time and hung up only when my cell phone started complaining, obviously with the promise of being in touch.

And yes this time we have kept our promise. We spoke again and then again. It’s been over a year since that last call and both of us are grateful.

We are exactly the same age (a month here and there), our natures are alike, we get happy and sad at similar stuff and both of us have the same values. And to add to that sameness, her fiancé is so much like Aman from what I have heard.
We connect so well, it’s more than how I connect with my best friends these days.
And the best part is we don’t compete with each other. She is happy for my achievement and I am happy for hers.
This package deal of a sister cum a friend is working like a magic.
I will keep my fingers crossed for an everlasting connect....


I have been trying so hard not to think about it. But those yummy Chocolate Donuts have now found their way into my subconscious with even appearing in my Dreams.
It all started that eventful evening when Aman and I decided to sit over a cup of coffee at Café Coffee Day to pass some time in order to beat that traffic before hitting out for dinner.
And since I was a little hungry I ordered a Chocolate Donut to go with my cappuccino and as they say rest is history.
Ever since then I have been having a Chocolate Donut each day, thanks to the Café Coffee Day outlet in my office.

Its not that I haven’t tried to resist, I have, and have been partially successful too. I say partially coz I have only been able to hold that temptation till maybe late noon or say early evening. But sooner or latter the craving exceeds the confines that I can control and I resign to fate and relish that Donut.
Those soft, creamy, Chocolate Donuts are the most sinful creation of mankind. And the feeling I get with each bite is nothing less than heavenly.

I am thoroughly enjoying this new found addiction and I will not give into the sanity of health freak.
So till this craving lasts... bring them on!!!!!!!!!