Monday, June 29, 2009

June Update

It’s been a hectic and busy month. Work showed no respite, it never does, I guess its time I should stop hoping too.

Aman’s side of the family came visiting. And like good hosts we packed them all and took them to Coorg. (Pics are up on FB and Orkut, one on the header up there). Lush, green and raining. The heat tortured souls from North of the country couldn’t have asked for anything more. We stayed in the interiors of Coorg, in the midst of the coffee plantations. Lovely food, awesome weather and the most scenic surroundings. It was picture perfect.

We also did a quick 2 day trip to Chennai. For the uninitiated, the Bangalore – Chennai highway is splendid, be it the road or the landscaping. Parts of it are quite a delight. Chennai was horrible. I am sure the city is nice, but the weather was pathetic, and that for me is such a put off. For that reason I truly couldn’t enjoy it. It was sticky and humid and hot. You know the kinds where your own hair and skin irritate you.

For the good deed of the month – I forgo my official tour to Singapore to be with Aman’s side of the family. Now isn’t he lucky to be married to me?

For the highlight of the month – Younger sister has finally moved to Bangalore, bag and baggage. If you remember I was upset a while back and this was the reason. But now she is here and I couldn’t have been happier.

And yes, for the achievement of the month, I have learnt swimming. As in I have moved ahead from just the playful splash splash. I still have a long way to go, but who says I can’t rejoice small achievements.

I have missed blogging and reason being the lack of time. I have also missed reading a lot of your blogs, but I am doing the catching up. Bear with me all.


Monika,Ansh said...

That's a lovely picture on your header :) . Coorg sounds lovely. Glad u cud make it........but sacrificing a singapore trip!!.....u have a big heart.

Goofy Mumma said...

sounds like you are enjoying woman. With all the trips and everything. :)
Do keep making time for blogging though!

Goofy Mumma said...

sounds like you are enjoying woman. With all the trips and everything. :)
Do keep making time for blogging though!

mindspace said...

sounds quite some!
sister in your town.. thats wow!!

Mumbai Diva said...

sweeeet, the two of you look.

you've had a busy month...but do keep posting... :)

Imp's Mom said...

luv the header!!

busy month but looks like ur having fun :)

Meira said...

the pic's superb. heading to add you on orkut. My sis was in Bangalore for 5 years...i visited a lot while she was there. Now she's in Delhi and I get to show her around. Sigh :D

Dil se said...

Welcome back Iya after a long break.Looks like you are having a great time.
And congratulations on your sister being in the same city now.
Oh I miss my 2 little sisters so much. We were( and till today are) the best of friends with each other !!

Just call me 'A' said...

Hurray on the swimming :)...and good to see you back here. i was so motivated by your swimming progress that I spend a good 2 hrs at the pool yesterday and got FAB to teach me a little. of course i play around most of the time with the assistance of floats LOL!

Rush said...

beautiful pic of u and ur boyfriend :)

Solilo said...

All happy. That's good, Iya. And did I tell you the header is touchwood! ;)

Iya said...

@ Monika – thanks lady. Coorg indeed is beautiful. Took the decision of not going to Singapore coz at that moment it seemed like the thing to do..
@ Goofy Mumma – enjoying and getting tired too, all at the same time
@ Tara – really, having Neha here is wow..

Iya said...

@ Mumbai Diva – thanks ya,
@ Imp’s Mom – thanks, I love the pic too
@ Meira – so u would know what fun it is to have sisters around.. thanks for liking the header.. add me on orkut!!

Iya said...

@ Dil se – thanks so much, sisters are the best!!
@ Just Call me A – I am so impressed, I just learnt and have already motivated u, I am all smiles . Isn’t it fun, to be in the pool even if swimming is less the mere playfulness of being in water is so stress relieving..
@ Rush – thanks so much, we are married but I love you for thinking we are still a couple that’s going around.. ME likes it!!
@ Solilo – yes u did, thanks!!

Swaram said...

Nice pic there on the header ... and that ws indeed a gud deed :P

Anonymous said...

Smile - Always the best.
Header picture - excellent.
Yes, I am smiling.
Keep smiling.

Ekta said...

Iya, you somehow bind the reader till the end of the post, such that, no matter how long it is, I just can't leave it half way... So basically I am complimenting you :)

As now, as most of them have said above... the header pic is indeed lovely. I have been to Coorg too and we too stayed amidst coffee plantations. Its really beautiful.

masood said...

Lovely picture.
Wow, now Aman is going to have sister trouble! You n Neha are going to drive him nuts for sure.
And check out..someone learnt swimming?! Ha. and whats your excuse? ;)

Anonymous said...

Thats a lovely pic on the header!!!
And two sisters together!!!Wow!! Have fun re...

Mampi said...

Hey bhartiya nari with supreme sacrificing spirit,
blog more often

Pinku said...

hey welcome back to blog land...

that was nice of you to sacrifice the trip to singapore...but do own up and say that you have been there before..isn't it?

Reflections said...

The header pic looks really good...r u on tht Nisargadama bridge[atleast I think thts wht its called]....I've got pics on tht bridge too:-)). I've been to coorg with friends[1 friend's father had coffee plantation there]...we had a super time. Loved the climate & the laid-back lifestyle.....but my friend never liked it there & used to run off to b'lore. Like they say, green is always greener....:-)).

Lack of time is good...coz it means u r living it:-)).

Iya said...

@ Swaram – thanks so much, I will soon visit ur blog..

@ Hobo – you too keep smiling, thanks

@ Ekta – that’s a very sweet compliment, thank u thank u.. yes indeed Coorg is a beautiful place

Iya said...

@ Masood – Excuse for what? For learning how to swim, heck nothing, I just love the water. and neha and aman are collectively driving me crazy, now I have 2 kids to take care of!!

@ Puja – thanks there

@ Mampi – funny ho ji aap,

Iya said...

@ Pinku – ok u caught me, I have been to Singapore twice before
and where have u disappeared? no posts for a long time now

@ Nancy – thanks ya. nope its not nisargdham. this is in the midst of a coffee plantation. I am aware of a similar looking bridge in nisragdham as well. I agree to an extent with your friends, I cant stay in such places for more than 3 days!!

Pinku said...

will post soon are u doing now?? on the work and fatigue front

Mama - Mia said...

wow! quite an action packed month huh?! and most of it fun!! :)

and those coorg pictures were lovely! :)

Indyeah said...

so cute Iya :)))
LOVED the header pic:))

yeah he is lucky to be married to you thats for sure :D
and what about that time when someone was *ahem* talking about how good it was to be sick?:P:P

you learnt swimming? goodie!:))
water baby now?:D:D


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great way to make sure your guests enjoy with you!! I also love holidaying with family... giving up Singapore was something Iya, I agree he is lucky to be married to you :)