Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pizza Woes

I had been watching those Pizza Hut World Food Fest ads on TV for quite some time and was waiting with all my heart to get there and sink my teeth into those yummy, cheesy, delicious pizza’s as soon as it was launched. They had raised my expectations so high that the first opportunity I got, I coaxed Aman to the nearest Pizza Hut outlet. And that chance came only this weekend. Those ads had my appetite go out of the roof. Let me confess something here – I am a great lover of Pizza. Yeah, I know I am not suppose to divulge such gory details aloud but that’s the truth. And here they were offering Mexican, Lebanese, Chinese and French over and above the regular American and Italian.

So there I was, all hungry ready to devour.
I browsed the menu and the creepy feeling of disillusionment started to set in. They only had 1, I repeat 1, pizza each in the Mexican, Lebanese and Chinese non vegetarian category. French was not even there!!!!!! This couldn’t be true. Aman sat there giving me an “I told you so” look. This couldn’t be the World Food Fest. I kept reading the menu for quite sometime hoping a new page would pop up giving me some more options. As expected nothing like that happened. We finally ordered a pan pizza of each variety of the only 3 that they had to offer. And yeah it wasn’t mind blowing at all. Alas, being heart broken would be an understatement.

Well this is not the first time I have been lured by commercials only to be disappointed by the end product. Now that’s the power of marketing and right messaging. But don’t these guys realize the cost involved?
In my stint with ICICI selling general insurance, I kept repeating to my team never to wrong sell. There is nothing more alarming than an irate customer. And sooner these marketers realize this healthier it will be.
As for me, Pizza Hut will have to do something really special to win me back. Till then its Dominos Pizza all the way...


Nikhil said...

Hey Pizza lover.... try out the pizzas at Lil Italy sometime. Although they only serve veg, the pizzas are very authentic and quite a delight. Bon Appétit!

-From one foodie to another :)

Iya said...

Yup Nikhil...have been to little Itlay, the one in Bandra in mumbai..yet to visit the one in b'lore....