Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When did that happen??

Surely while I was sleeping. Coz last I remember I was buying Caramel Popcorns for 20 bucks. And this was in a multiplex, in Pune. Yeah, so it was 5 yrs back, but then, so what?
In these 5 yrs, how can the damn thing costs Rs 85. And I don’t remember a single price point in between.
Which means only one thing – thee should buy thy popcorn on its own. Making a sorry face and then blackmailing husband to get popcorn all the time will result in a state of shock sooner of later.
I almost made a fool of myself at the counter. Took one caramel popcorn and handed over the 100 rupee note. The guy gave me 15 rs back and I dutifully waited to get more change. Some strange expressions and his attempt to serve the guy behind me made me realize that the damn thing was indeed Rs 85. But I still stuck my ground and reiterated that I had only bought 1 popcorn and nothing else. Irritated attendant again told me its 85.
Yeah so I am thinking of filing a complaint somewhere? Who will listen to me?
On a related note – I think Inception is mind blasting! I was dazed. Maybe I am writing this in my dream? Go watch it. I have always liked Leo and now the world appreciates him. Revenge Commeth!!


Prats said...

I know what you mean...the movies too used to be 80 bucks in Pune...Now they cross 200 bucks easily on the weekends...

Anonymous said...

As an NRI, I visit India just once a year but everytime the price rise of various things really shocks me. Due to exchange rate difference we(NRIs) always believe that India is cheaper than other countries but that is not the case any more.
Sometimes I feel like India is more expansive compared to other western countries if you look the income and spending ratio in perspective.

Anonymous said...

ohh popcorn at movie hall is too pricey!! but yes without any positive change in quantity or quality prices have gone up.

Nu said...

that's how it is now a days...you price for sitting-and most of the sleeping given that boring movies and all that-in that air conditioner...be it the seat price or food price !!

Sigh..it's all because of us consumers Iya...If we all really boycot these services instead of Bharat Bandh ..there might be a faintest chance that something will happen !

the economy tells us that our salaries are rising and by the time we are basking the in the happiness ,on the other hand the prices elsewhere are also risen ! that's the beauty of the thing :)

Yet the multiplexes are running full and successfully...we consumers are ready to pay!

Almost a post :)

Swaram said...

Sigh! Even Popcorn :(

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