Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girlie Wisdom from the males!! Post 14

Disclaimer: This post was written in the state of immense sleepiness and tiredness last night. I had no intention of missing one more day and hence decided to scribble something. Please feign ignorance to blatant spelling and grammatical and mental errors.

Over dinner with friends the other day, the conversation conveniently steered towards woman and their clothing.

A particular guy complained that he was ragged big time by his 12 year old niece when she asked him to get her some spaghetti tops from France, and he asked what they were. I actually don’t blame him. Aman and I have been together for almost 7 years now and his knowledge of what I wear ends at “Sexy” or “Not so Sexy”.

So then the game started, in a group comprising of 7 girls and just 2 guys, it was an absolute laugh riot. The idea was to use logic!!

Now here are a few definitions these guys came up with.

Tube Top – it’s a top, so obviously worn on the upper part of the body. It’s like a tight mini skirt, too tight to be worn as a skirt, therefore it’s worn as a top.

Tank top – A top just like a tank, specialized in storing more content than it appears to be storing!!

Spaghetti top – A top, that hangs on spaghetti like straps

Halter top – a top “altered” in a manner that makes the guy’s heart beat halt!!

Corset – it’s like a closet, keeping things safe!!

There were more, but those hang on the edge decency, so will skip them.


Prats said...

Well I have heard all these names.... but too much of hassle to identify and remember the difference...As people say ignorance is bliss :-D

Meira said...

ROFL. This is a good idea...I'l go ask TS wwhat he knows abt these :D

Swaram said...

ROFL, gr8 idea for a post ;)

Tank top is the best :P :P

Anonymous said...

I just discovered we have a lot more in common!

Cancerian - yes!
MBA - yes!
Unpredictable - oh yes!
Impatient - yes, yes & yes!

Bhupesh said...


Lolz @Tank top and Halter top

Thanks for increasing my knowledge!!!
Keep them coming!!
Now I realized I have much more to learn

Gypsy Girl said...

Lovely! :) Stumbled on your blog and am likin' it! :)

Iya said...

Gypsy girl - thanks so much..see u around..
Nilu - thats a lot of similarity!!

Bhupesh - haha, the idea wasnt that for sure

Iya said...

Prats - i agree
Meira - good idea, let us know what he says..
Swaram - u too do it!!

Anonymous said...

LOL@ Halter neck :)

:) They didn't say spaghetti straps were the required uniform for eating spaghetti in China :)