Monday, June 7, 2010

The monkey menace - Post 7

That’s the most recent phenomenon that has plagued the so called up market, posh apartment I stay in.
So the security guards had warned me and had asked me to keep the doors closed. Which, of course, I forgot about.
So it was Saturday and Aman and I
were sitting on the balcony enjoying some evening tea. Suddenly I see these 2 pair of eyes staring at me from the adjoining balcony which is attached to the bedroom. I shrieked and we ran in only to realize that the bedroom door was open. The monkeys were faster than us and before we could enter the bedroom to close the door, the monkeys were comfortably sitting on the threshold.

Panic struck the Bhatia – Malhotra household. And Aman, if not more, was at least as scared. We were standing at the entrance trying to hush the monkeys out. Aman was trying to make all these scary sounds but our monkeys were just not bothered. And slowly they entered the room and started scanning the place. I ran to get a stick, but before that I clicked this picture. The picture is not very clear, after all I could do only as much with Aman pushing me to get the stick, while he was holding the fort and protecting the house.

After running around the house I finally managed to find a curtain road which could be used as a weapon to chase these animals away. But before we could do anything, one of them grabbed the All Out {yes, the one we use for mosquitoes} and the other one clutched this Mobile phone box which had the warranty card and ear phones. Having their loot in place they ran. And we couldn’t do anything.
Huh. Even monkeys are getting the better of us!!
And if this was not enough, I saw then swimming in the apartment pool the next afternoon. It was sunny and what better way to cool themselves right??


masood said...

Monkeys in your house?

Guess they found their way back home!!! :D

Swaram said...

God! They r hvng a gr8 time!
Where's the pic though?

Swaram said...

Ohh ok! I cn see it nw :)

Bhupesh said...

the best way to scare monkeys is to use a Catapult (need not to use a pebble or something).
Try it !!!But maintain your distance and do not try to look into their eyes otherwise they will jump on you the second you will look away from them after looking in their eyes.

Tk care

MindfulMeanderer said...

thats scary!!!! I've heard that making a lot of noise scars them.. like throwing steel vessels at them.. But then from what u say, they might just run away with them. n swimming is just heights!! I'm all LOL but i can imagine how scary that must hav been.

Meira said...

Pool? What if they pee there? Chee :P

Swaram said...

LOL Meira :P

Pixie said...

OMG! That's scary!!
I guess they must have been uprooted from their trees somewhere in the vicinity!
Take care dear and keep the doors closed!

Iya said...

Masood - grrrr
@Swaram - they are sure having fun. the other day i saw then taking sun bath as well..
@ Bhupesh - let me see where i can find that..

Iya said...

@MindfulMeanderer - more than scary it was damn funny.. the way they stole stuff from our house!!!
@ Meira - yeah exactly, why do u think i havent gone for a swim for a week now??
@ Pixie - now the whole complex is looking for some solution..

Monika said...

ha ha thankfully they have stayed away from this area till now

Anonymous said...

This happened a lot once when we lived in Noida. It seems some jungles and trees were cleared to make the buildings and the monkeys didn't know where to go... we had to put grill and wire mesh in the balconies and windows.

Those who didn't, had monkeys taking out food from their fridge and taking it away, their washing machines pipes were pulled out and plates broken. I am sure they were as terrified as the monkeys :)