Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random mumblings of a confused mind. Post 12

No matter how much I travel, each time I am about to leave for the airport, I still get that sunken feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like there will be something amiss happening. There is always this thought of calling the boss and telling him that I am almost dead and therefore can’t do this trip. But some things “have to be done” and travelling on work surely tops that list.

Sleep is another aspect that is totally screwed up while I am oversees. I sleep with the lights switched on and with TV playing as well. I have this major phobia of sleeping alone. So with TV on, I get the feeling that there is someone in the house. Also, I need to be fully aware of the surrounding and therefore the lights are kept on all night. With TV I have to be extra careful to ensure I tune it to some safe channel. Like some sport or some cartoon. Now what if they start showing some horror movie and I suddenly wake up to see some gory images!!! Night mare!!

Now why am I talking about all this today? That’s because I am sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight to Singapore. I will be gone for a couple of days. And didn’t want to skip writing a post.

So tomorrow’s update will be from Singapore la!!!


Anonymous said...

enjoy singapore. dont worry, there wont be any nightmares!!

Prats said...

Happy Journey... Spore is an awesome place :-)

Swaram said...

LOL .. totally with u on the TV thing :P
Nt when I am elsewhere but when am alone @ home and cooking :P I need to feel there's someone with me ;)

Anonymous said...

hmm... Singlish to end. Seems like quite used to it.

Deeps said... dream destination..hoping to make it a reality soon :))

You can sleep in the midst of all the TV noise and lights on??? I get so pissed off when my husband makes even a slight turn to the other side and the bed makes a squeaking sound!!

Iya said...

Prats - thanks, i am a regular there!!

Krunalc - oh yes, we are like that only la..

Deeps - its a nice place for sure.. and u know what i cant sleep with all that noise and light, but switiching these off is even more the result is a bad night's sleep..

Swaram - yeah, dont like silence that much if its acompanied by lonliness..