Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of this perfect day in Phuket – Post 21

I was in Phuket in February this year. It was an official trip (yeah, not kidding, it was). We had our 3 day Sales Conference there. The schedule was as packed as it can get. And being in-charge of the conference meant I had no breather at all.

The event got over on a Friday night with this gala dinner and celebrations. And my return to Bangalore was on Saturday evening.

I had 2 choices 1) to step out of Marriott where I was staying and explore the local Phuket or 2) to stay back and enjoy the beautiful resort.

I was tired beyond words and so I opted for the second option.

And in that I had one of the most perfect days I could without Aman by my side. For me the idea of having fun without him is very limited. I love my girlie time out. I love my random shopping trips. I love my coffee and my books. But if it’s something big I have to have to have him.

Yeah I missed him and it goes without saying, for those who know me well. But I didn’t have too much choice. Either I could sit and sulk or I could get out and enjoy the sun, sea and sand!!

And I choose the saner option!!

Woke up really early and went for this hour long swim followed by a session in the open Jacuzzi. The place has Asia’s largest meandering pool (that’s what I was told.)

This was followed by a real sumptuous breakfast of salami, croissant, eggs, waffles, pancakes, fresh fruits and of course lots of coffee.

The next few hours were spent on the beach reading and introspecting. Staring at the pristine waters, soaking in the sun, and trying to get some tan. After all who comes back from Thailand without one??

And then I did something I have never done before. I treated myself to a proper Thai massage. It was heavenly to say the least. Those women have some strength. Don’t go by their petite frame. They are pretty good at this. So floored by them I also got a head message done. It was as close to ecstasy as one can get.

After letting the oil ooze in to each and every pore on my skin, I went swimming in the ocean. The warm salty water was a delight. And yeah the tan was coming in. Floating on my back, eyes closed, warm water on my skin, I was as close to Nirvana as possible. I have no idea how long I did that but it must be pretty long coz by the time I got out it was way past lunch time.

Which meant that time to leave for the airport was nearing.

Taking one last look at the sea, absorbing in as much as I could, content and happy, and of course with the promise to be back soon, this time obviously with Aman, I made my way back to the room.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a perfect day that sounds!! envy you..

- P

Meira said...

Aman, it's a hint for you to plan a vacation *wink wink*

Iya said...

@ Anon - thanks, it was lovely..

@ Meira - Aman needs to come here to get the hint ya..

Swaram said...

Sigh Meira, I so want Su to take a hint from my posts too :P Hw do we ensure they come to our space ;) ;)

Swaram said...

Iya, I hope u get to go there soon with Aman and experience Double-Nirvana ;) ;)

Deeps said...

That was a lovely account of your perfect day.

Thailand is one place where I would go back for holiday any number of times. I just love that country...of course it has a lot to do with the fact that its a shopping haven..but even otherwise the country somehow makes me feel very welcomed!!

No pics???

Monika said...

aaah i still remember when we talked abt this day

seems like bliss

Iya said...

@ Swaram - lets make some masterplan and get our husbands to come here!!!
Thanks, i so want to go back..u know everything gets a meaning with Aman around!!i enjoy otherwise but its like i am forcing myself to enjoy!!

Iya said...

Deeps - no pics, after all, with so much fun, i didnt even think of the camera!!

Monika - bliss!! absolutely..

Anonymous said...

Iya, you have SUCH a way with words...for the time I spent reading this post, I experienced the bliss that you so well described! Kudos!

Iya said...

Thanks Nilu!! so kind of u :)

Iya said...

Nilu, u have so many blogs tagged to ur name..which one is ur main one..

Anonymous said...

All I want is all I have!

Pinku said... green with jealousy...lucky u...that sounds like such a perfect day!!!

Iya said...

Pinku it was as perfect as a day cud get!!