Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home will be warmer from today… Post 10

Because In-Laws are reaching Bangalore tonight J

This means -

I will be waking up early

I will not have to unlock the door and enter an empty home (as aman invariably comes home after me!!)

Aman and I will be on a detox for obvious reasons ;)

There will be yum paratha’s for breakfast

There will be longish Mango hogging sessions after dinner

There will be home made mango pickle

There will be more laughter in the house

There will be a lot of baby talks – for which I will not have an answer!!

There will be good food all around

There will be more talks on shifting to Delhi

There will be gifts and more

There will be an attempt to wrap up work and reach home on time

There will be packed weekends and some out of Bangalore trips

Home will be a lot happier place. I am blessed, truly. Touchwood.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you!! Mine is an empty and lonely place today. F-I-L left for Calcutta last night :( So whatever you mentioned in your post has been struck out from my list :(

~anu~ said...

awesome! enjoy the bliss.. and the paranthas..! :) detox and all, am sure they read this blog :)

Ms.Chitchat said...

Lucky u:),detox and do not eye for the parathas :):)

Pixie said...


Have fun! :)

Swaram said...

Wow! Thatz so nice :)

Iya said...

@ Puja - aww, i am sure it will be better soon

@ Anu - nope they dont..i hope so..

@ Ms Chitchat - yeah, forced detox

@Pixie - thanks dear..

@ Swaram - :)

Bhupesh said...

Good luck and enjoy!!!!

Monika said...

i want the home made pickle

i want i want

Dil se said...

Cool !! Enjoy the good times :-)

LADYBUG said...

Have the best of times with family! enjoy the food and fellowship.

Meira said...

Touchwood! I get too many 'why don't you do this' and 'why are you like this' from mine :(
Not happy

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! I can imagine the joy of coming home to a home where you aren't the only one at home :)

Prats said...

I can totally relate to the post ;-) My parents are here too these days :-)

Iya said...

Meira - oh, just ignore those..they surely dont mean it..
IHM - so true,i hate unlocking the door and then being greated by silence..
Prats - enjoy the good times

Iya said...

Bhpesh - thanks!!
Monika - i will keep some for u..and u will get that when we meet!!
Dil se - seeing u here after a long time, how have u been..
Ladybug - doing that, thanks..