Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No Desserts for me please - Post 9

Some decisions are hard to come by. But when enough is enough, one has to take drastic steps. The pointer on the weighing scale has been moving in the wrong direction for a few years now. Finally the realization came home that I had moved to the category of “Overweight” people. And who wants to be that.
Something had to be done.
And after a lot of tears, resolve was made. Say no to SWEETS. Yeah, you read that right, I decided to be off desserts.

But considering the fact that I have a major sweet tooth, I love eating out and most weekends are spent trying some or the other new restaurant, I knew this would be a difficult job.
So the clever me decided that I won’t order any desserts for myself. I will just take a bit or two from what others are having. This way my craving would be satiated and I wouldn’t be taking in all those calories. And so began the mighty sacrifice.
But, alas, it turned out to be quite something else. How you may ask. This is how - I am out with friends. Each one orders a dessert. I don’t. But I take a bite from each. So ultimately mu intake is more than theirs.
So my taking a bite or two turns out to be such a duh!!

Who ever said sharing is a mighty good thing to do??


Swaram said...

Ha ha :)
Variety is the spice of life .. what fun to taste so many of them ;)

Anonymous said...

Good one. and no u r not fat!!

Meira said...

Hey but what happened to swimming?

Monika said...

yeah good to decision works very well

Iya said...

Swaram - what about the cal intake?
Anon - thanks, u are being nice
Meira - weather is not in my favor..n then i had this cold as well..
Monika - but its not working..