Friday, June 18, 2010

Be careful when you wish for who knows it might just come true - Post 17

There are times in life when we wish for things without even realizing what will happen if those wishes come true.

In one of those angry moments when I was very hurt I wished that this friend who was responsible for everything, suffered as well.

It happened way back. Back when nothing used to be trivial. Back when the biggest joys and biggest sorrows were something I would consider inconsequential now.

And after a few years, I had made peace with it. I had brought things to closure. We were friends again. Forgive, forget and shut it.

And then this friend suffered and suffered some more. On her own hands and on the hands of someone she loved.

It then struck me very hard. I was reminded of the vague wish I had made years ago. Was her suffering my doing? Had god finally listened to me? After years?


Prats said...

The title of your blog is one of my fav punchlines "Be Careful what you wish for, lest you get it".

Nice post

Swaram said...

:( :( Scares me! Gotta b careful :( :(

Meira said...

Dunno. Some of it has to be her doing to. A lot of good people would suffer if everybody's wishes came true :)
We make or break our own lifes or destinies.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this happen too. I am cautious when I am angry and when I am wishing for something.. maybe it's superstition, but no harm wishing only for good things...

Iya said...

@ Prats - thanks ya
@ Swaram - yeah, scary and heartbreaking!!
@Meira - makes me feel better...
@ IHM - so u think i was responsible?