Thursday, June 17, 2010

How much do we know the people we think we know? Post 16

This incident took place a couple of years back while I was working in my first organization. There was this guy in the office who sat like 5 cubicles away. By virtue of being on the same floor and part of the same group I knew him pretty well. He seemed like a very professional, confident and normal person.

Till, we saw news about him in the leading newspapers of being arrested on the grounds of domestic violence. Shocking it was. Not just to me, but to a lot of other folks in office. I didn’t pass any judgment but all logic said that he might have been actually beating his wife, till she had enough and sought help. The report said that neighbors had intervened when her cries had become unbearable. She was bruised and not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

That’s when I realized that the types who hit their wives were regular people. No they didn’t have horns, neither a sign which said “stay away or I could harm you”. They are educated and as regular as you and me. The monster within is safely hidden. During the day they walk the planet like any other person, getting through the daily chores and responsibilities. It’s only behind the locked doors that they get creepy and slimy. They do the unthinkable and without remorse. And the very next moment they are normal again. There is no give away. There is no guilt.

Yes, we really don’t know that people we think we know. The monster remains hidden.


Meira said...

True. It is so unfortunate that such people walk on our planet!

Iya said...

And meira, they walk like any of us!!

Swaram said...

:( :( Hw I wish they carried a sign like that :( :(

Anonymous said...

A case of split personality?

Pixie said...

yea... its scary and sad!
my friend's husband is not only kind and helpful to strangers, he takes care of strays as well!
But, at the same time, he is horrifying with his wife and beats her!!

Iya said...

Swaram - and once the sign becomes visible they shud be locked behind bars

Krunalc - i dont think so..its delibrate and thoughtful..

Pixie - that is so scary..and dont tell me ur friend is taking all the beating..

Priya said...

I have writeen you a mail once in

I hope this is the right Id I have used and I have not received any response yet.. Beating/abusing to a close one is inhuman and bad, SO what happens when a loved one hurts ... and I really want to know that after reading my mail what is your response.

Do reply to me on

and if require I will pass on that mail agian to you. hope this time you will reply

Bhupesh said...
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Bhupesh said...

aankho peh bharosa mat kar
duniya jadu kaa khel hai
har chij yahan ek dhokha
har bat yahan bemel hai
kahane ko toh sab kahate hain,
iss bat me kya rakha hai
par yahn toh koyee batalaye,
kya jhutha hai, kya sachcha hai

That's all i can say!!!

Monika said...

its really scary iya but as u say they are regular people... sigh

Iya said...

@Bhupesh - sad but true!!
@ Monika - and thats the strange bit can one be regular with so much hatred in them..