Friday, June 4, 2010

The wedding story - Post 4

Girl: my parents agreed

Boy: mine did too


No eloping, no drama, no blackmailing, no Bollywood moments??

Well that’s exactly what happened. When Aman and I decided to get married our parents were more than happy. They took charge of the situation as if they had gone all the way to find me a groom and him a bride!! No one complained. Not even that vague mammi or that chacha who loves conflicts!! Huh. What dampener.

So all my hopes of having some thrill during my wedding was gone. Now what stories would I tell my grand children? I wanted to be seen as this cool grand mom who had to fight all odds to win her prince charming. All my dreams were crushed by these ever understanding set of parents??

A day before the wedding both his and mine relatives danced away all night. I felt like going and reminding them that this was a love marriage? But they were in some different state of euphoria. Even the fact that both Aman and I were the first ones to get married in respective families and all younger cousins would follow suit did not deter them.

So much so that on the eve of the wedding I almost wanted to run away with Aman. That would have been the first of its kind? Where the bride and the groom elope with each other, while the relatives are busy dancing!!!

Now every time I meet these couples who have braved all odds to get married I feel like kicking them. They will have these lovely stories to tell. How her father house arrested her. How he was kicked out of the house. How the brother threatened the guy etc etc. and all I can do is smile!!


masood said...

You know, ask all those couples if given a chance to skip all the hassles and problems they faced to be with each other and have the wedding taken care off like yours, they'd take it with open arms! :D

Swaram said...

LOL ... I dnt hv any such stories too! We were family friends to add to it :grrrr!!!!

Geetha K said...

Wow, be thankful to god & feel blessed to have such nice parents and relatives. Maybe you can tell your grand children stories of how loving your parents and family members were :)

Meira said...

Oh yes. I'm one such proud owner...of a dramatic wedding :D
But I agree with Masood...wish it had been smoother. Sigh :)

Monika said...

LOL i know what u mean when we got married too we were like no one has an objection inspite of the north indian south indian divide but my wedding made up for the loss of that ;)

meira: come on share the story with us be nice

~anu~ said...

ya rrright! jab hota tab pata chalta!

Iya said...

@ Masood - grass is always greener on the other side!!
@ Swaram - so u understand, right?
@ Geetha - thats true..
@ Meria - now dont tease me ..
@ Monika - yeah toh hadd ho ho gayi..
@ Anu - tu nahi samjhegi..

Pixie said...

you are blessed Sweetie! :)


Bhupesh said...

you were lucky
very lucky that your parents got agreed!!
It is a blessing!!

Though the couples with all the brave stories will seem stronger from outside but there is something missing in their heart!!

I am having the first hand experience and i can still feel the pain!!!


Keep on penning


Iya said...

Pixie - aww, i know..

Bhupesh - oh,i understand. i was just being funny.. all the best to u..

Bhupesh said...

It is not like that!!
was trying to tell you the other side story as well