Monday, June 28, 2010

What do women want? Post 26

Many a philosophers have spent a lifetime trying to figure this one out. Many a sages went through time to get the answers. But does anyone really know?? Here is my attempt to answer the question as I see it. For the one woman really close to me is Me.
What women want is control over her destiny, a control over her life.
We want freedom of choice, of opinion, of living the way we want.
We want to be secured and yet be fancy free!
We want a man who loves us, respects us and cares for us. We want a man who keeps us on a pedestal up there and adore us. We want a man who really wants us.
We want children when we want them and not when the world thinks we should have them.
We want a home. A warm welcoming place to come back to.
We want friends who are as mad as us and yet understand us.
We want a career and we want the choice to quit when we wish.
We want money. We want the perfect wardrobe. We want a lot of shoes. We want holidays and vacations.
We want a healthy body. We want to love our curves, our color, our skin and our hair. And we do. Please let us be.
We want to walk at any hour without carrying the pepper-spray.
We want to be respected. We are proud of who we are, please do not force us to think otherwise.
We want to be individuals first and then be seen as “women”.
Is this asking for a lot??
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anks said...

I'd agree with almost all the points here.... but not the career one... unless i am interpreting this incorrectly, choice to quit would mean having someone else take care of your financial needs... so if the woman quits her career, who earns for her? the man in her life? does she really have control over her life then? would her dependence not come in way of living the way she wants to?


Swaram said...

We want children when we want them and not when the world thinks we should have them - He he! Thatz awesome Iya :)

Gud luck for the contest :)

Ariel said...

Great post. It had a rhythm to it.

Monika said...

awesome awesome awesome

loved every line in it loved it

Anonymous said...

Iya, I also feel it is not possible to say what 'all' women want - because each woman is a person with her own needs and wants.

Like my maid might want just a peaceful evening and good meal, no battering. My mom might want good good health. My sister wants more success in her job...

Iya said...

@ IHM - of course, u r right, and my attempt is not to generelaize.. its what i feel, taking myself as the example. thats what i have written at the start of the post..

@ Monika - Thanks mon, i knew you would be nodding at this one..

@ Thanks Ariel..

Iya said...

@ Swaram - but isint it tru?

@ Anks - what i mean is financial independence..

Anonymous said...

If some one asks me this question, my reply would be "women don't really know what they need". If this question is asked to men,I think majority of them will give thiskind of reply.

So now I shd prepare myself for all the brickbats that gonna come to my way. :) pls no offence meant here.

Anonymous said...

So well written Iya! Every line is so meaningful and well-thought. Will be disappointed if you don't win.

Sorcerer said...

This is well written and this is the second blog post i am readin on the topic..
well thought off and well written

Iya said...

@ Krunalc - i dont agree..

@ Nilu - thats very sweet of u :)

@ Sorcerer - thanks a lot..

MindfulMeanderer said...

Yup. Yup. Yup to all... Best of luck with the contest.

Ekta said...

Completely loved the entire post!!! too good.

Meira said...

You've said it brilliantly.

Iya said...

@ Mindfulmeanderer - thanks lady..

@ Ekta - thanks so much!!

@ Meira - ahmmm..danke!

Pinku said...

thats a lot of things to ask for...wondering what we women are willing to set down in return for all of this.

Iya said...

Pinku - why should we set down anything? arent we wonderful anyways? and dont we deserve all of this?

deVa said...

awesome piece...