Monday, June 14, 2010

My mom and her maid – Post 13

I fail to understand the fixation my mom has with her maid. Actually not just her maid, she has a fixation with my maid as well.

The first question on my daily call to her is inevitably “Maid came?” followed by “Cook came?” No mom, they didn’t and what will you sitting hundreds of miles away?

I know what she will do; she will curse her if she didn’t come. After all, the darling daughter will have to do the work.

So maid is a very integral part of my mom’s life. Each time I speak to her, the maid gets a mention. Either she was very good that day, or she was bad. Either she did some extra work without asking, or she didn’t finish her work!!

Sample Conversations:

Mom – Radha came late today

Me – Mom I am in Singapore

Mom – Good, I almost thought she won’t come.

Me – ok, I am running late for my meeting with the Chairman of my company

Mom – Oh, so I scolded Radha and she almost replied back

Me – Mom, I if I don’t make it on time he will fire me

Mom – Don’t worry, but Radha has become very rude!!

Me – Mom, I just got ran over by a bus

Mom – Oh, but how can Radha be so rude??

And the story goes on………


Prats said...

Maids sure do take preference over children in the house hold...Same story this side too :-)

Mumbai Diva said...

HA HA. I can so relate to this. In my case it's not really the maid, but whatever the topic of conversation, my mom refuses to get off the phone too

Swaram said...

Ha ha ha :)

Monika said...


i second mumbai diva its not the maid but its so difficult to keep the phone when u want to with mom

~anu~ said...

hehehehehe.. auntie!!!!!!!!!! you are awesome!!! :)

Deeps said...

OMG, hilarious read, Iya! cant stop laughing.

Maids are indeed an integral part of our lives...they are life-savers in many occasions too :)))

Meira said...

lol! Yup, maids are such precious creatures. Can't help being so obsessive