Friday, April 6, 2007

Life changes in a second...

It was looking like just another Friday. I was on my way to office immersed in a book, listening to Radio Mirchi enjoying the early morning breeze. Yeah everything was normal till I received a call from Dad. “Nani ma is no more” is all he could say before he broke down. It was like a straight blow on my face. I knew I had heard right. But how was that possible. Only last evening they told me she was recovering. But that was it. My nani had died. I would never see her again. I would never hear her laugh.

I was some thousands of miles away. Too far to reach out to pitaji (that’s what I call my nana ji). My heart goes out for him. His loss is inconsolable. They have been married for more than 60 years. How will he cope up without her? How will he manage to get on by days without her? Now was the time when he really needed her presence. I can only pray for him. God please give him the strength to carry on.

Nani ma’s departure has shaken me completely. I have not seen death so close in family before. Suddenly everything looks different. We are terribly caught up in our everyday life running around from pillar to post trying to accomplish such insignificant things. We think we have succeeded if we get we get a promotion or a hike. We think life is in our control. And then suddenly its all gone. Taken away. Life laughs at us. It was never in our control.

What is life? And what is death? Did she know she was dying? What went through her mind? Did she wish something then? Questions that I’ll never have any answers to.

God, please bless nani ma’s soul. God, please be with my pitaji and help him through this. I love you nani ma. I’ll miss you.


Vincent said...

God!!! Iya, have you read my thoughts on my nani?

Was posted a good two years ago!!

Dagny Taggart said...

You are so right! the loss is irreplacable...but know this that now that she is an angel, she will always be there to guide to slow down in the hustle bustle of life...take time out for family and friends and make life more meaningful that it currently is! Have patience and Faith!