Monday, March 5, 2007

Happy Holi!!!

I have been away from home for almost 4 years now. And festive seasons out of home makes me extremely queasy. This Holi was no different. I was very homesick. The only reason I can think for the same is that my parents went out of their way to make all the festivals a memorable event. We had food and celebrations and guests and decorations and a gala time. It was a family affair with happiness all around.

When Aman saw me sulking away he had a plan. He took me to Grand Ashoka for the Holi celebrations. I wasn’t too excited coz for me festivals are meant to be celebrated with the family and not with a bunch of strangers. But nevertheless I gave in. After all what was the point in watching all painted faces on the n number of news channels? So Aman and me and Raj and Nidhi (common friends and sufferer of the same fate as ours) embarked upon The Holi Celebrations with strangers.

The place was very well done with a typical Holi theme. There were colors and thandai, zillion kinds sweets and savouries from all parts of North India. And the special attraction – the Vodka Lassi. And then there was the typical Punjabi Dhool. Followed by good amount of rain dance and DJ masti. There was a very interesting performance by a dance troop on the theme of Holi.

Over all a good outing. Loads of people like us, away from their homes trying hard to get colored with the festivities.

I some times feel like a sparrow, who has left her nest never to return home. My trips back to Ranchi are like a once in a year affair where I am treated like a guest. Pampered, fed and showered with gifts. My little cousins show me their mark sheets and all the certificates they have gathered over the year.

I know things will be like this forever now. I sometimes wonder if I should have just opted for the simpler path, stayed back there, did some kind of simple Graduation and got married to some rich fellow in Ranchi itself. I would have been so much closer to my parents. Life would have been so much more regular. And I wouldn’t have felt so queasy on festivals.

But Nah!!!! This is how it is and in spite of my periodic sulking I love it this way. Couldn’t have got a better life partner and couldn’t have had a more growing career.
So once again - Living and loving it!!!!!

Happy Holi!!!!!


Aman said...

Hey..Thanks for all the compliments that you showered on me.....and you very smartly chose not to tell anybody that you were dancing on the floor for 2-3 hours to ghar yaad nahin aa raha tha..

Anonymous said...

Heyyy ditto feelings here... me too often get senti esp. during festivals about our life away from home... Wish we could go back to our good old daysss...

Anonymous said...

Its really nice to hear that U have impressed someone whom u admire so much. I will try to write more and always keep u informed. And I read your blog and its wonderful.. keep blogging!

i 7 said...

grand Ashok! not bad.

come on, blore isnt dat bad!

Masood said...

I did not know you had a blog...

Rock on, lady!! :)

pandeyz said...

Hey Iya.. Same feelings when I landed down south about 8 years ago!! Am from Benaras, and its not too far from Ranchi at least :D.

K, now that you are on Nukkad... we shall have our own group before next holi!! What say???