Friday, May 4, 2007

I write.. 1

There was a time
In my life,
When mystification engulfed
And despair overcame,
Didn’t know what to do
Didn’t know what was right
To follow the heart
Or go with the sight
They said it was “proven
Tried and tested
Be sane and stick
To something done time and again”

The little voice inside me
Timid and scared
Weeping and crying
Could not take it any where
Then the voice grew louder
And hinted with some strength

Mom was there
Serene and calm
She held my hand
And waft away the storm
Then the clouds cleared
And I could see
The horizon where I wanted to be.

Decision was made
This is the path that I have to take

To rejoice again
I write.......


~anu~ said...

i know what this is.. i know.. hmm and you did make a good choice.
well written!

Aman said...

I can't believe that this has been written by you.... simply superb.....

But which choice are you talking are you talking about?? (Anu knows and I don't....not good)

Lets discuss this at the dinner table...!!!

Vincent said...

Hi Iya!!

Came in from your Ryze page, via your posts at Nukkad! Glad I came here; beautifully written!! :)

Aarti said...

hey Iya..

Tat was very nice... so deep and fille with emotions... :D

Masood said...

very well written :)

btw, how come no more posts after this one?? have u stopped writing?

Nikhil said...

Neat one... and to see that I have a contribution on this page is also nice. :)

Keep it flowing!

Iya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Iya said...

yeah... isint imitation the best form of flattery??
Couldnt help but flick that picture for this post...

Anonymous said...

It goes beyond all limits.