Monday, April 18, 2011

The hair woes continue

My hair woes continue. I anyways have very little left and at the rate with which I am experimenting I will soon have none left. But the itch to do something or the other with my hair keeps coming back every now and then.

So this weekend, almost impulsively, I found myself at the Salon, with the intention to get my hair colored. The stylist totally sweet talked me in first getting a haircut. So I agreed. Not that it’s too much of a new hairstyle, just correcting the length and adding some more layers.

Besides, the hairstylist refused to believe that I was in Indian. She thought I looked like a Mexican, and I seriously don’t know if I should be happy or sad about it. In her opinion “all Indians” are primarily “dark and quite plain looking” and all my efforts to explain that we Indians came in all kind of skin color had no effect on her. So at the end of the 3 hour ordeal, she still thought I was a Mexican and lying about my identity.

Anyways, coming back to the hair thing, so I get a haircut and then we move on to the coloring bit. And yet another brainwave and I decide to get some highlights as well. So base color is a shade of brown with lots and lots of golden highlights thrown in.

I thought it looked chic, till I came to office, where no one actually noticed it!! How do you feel when you spend a fortune on a haircut, a new hair color & highlights and your friends in office don’t even notice it?? Yeah, spare me, but I don’t really feel too good about it!


Anonymous said...

Ok.. put some pics on fb and let US decide how it looks ;)

மாயாவி said...

Nice experience shared

Smita said...

It has happened with me as well i.e. getting my hair colored & ppl not noticing it. When Hubby failed to notice I wasn't bothered because "Men will be Men" but when my female colleagues didn't notice I was like "depressed" but then eventually I made them see it & well everyone praised it ;-)

MindfulMeanderer said...

if its of any help... Iya, ur hair looks gorgeous.. n I love the highlights. ;)
Seriously, do share the pics on FB pls :)

Iya said...

Thanks Puja, the picture is there on FB.
Smita - LOL, so i am not the only one!
@Mindful - Thank u, u are lovely! and picture there on FB!

asanandan said...

Be cool and have coconut oil daily will reduce hair falls. try it.