Thursday, October 16, 2008

What can we do to make our world a better place to live in

Following up from what Pinku has written here are my thoughts on what can be done to make India a better place to live in. I believe in the fact that “I have to be the change I want to see”. I am doing my bit and urging all who read this to be doing their’s

- Stop bribing – you did jump the light or you were talking on the phone while driving, so get your act together and pay up. If you pay penalty once for an offence rest assured you will not do it again. For official work stand in the queue and get it done rather than finding shortcuts by giving a 100 here and a 500 there.

- Start voting – yes it will make a difference and if you will be citing reasons like the process if difficult then here is how it has been made simple

- Contribute to education – either through cash or kind (books, stationery etc) or through time.
- Stop Honking – no one stops on the road just for the heck of it. Be patient. Honking only makes the driver nervous. How often we comment on the fact the one hardly hears the horns blowing in the streets of Sydney or Singapore. We can emulate the same thing here too. It’s just a little bit of conscious effort.

There are many more and this is just the laundry list. Will add to it.


Pinku said...

thanks Iya for taking it up....and completely valid points you have made here...

Will look forward to more on this from you. :)

Joe said...

Ermm, was just passing by and thought i'd leave a note: I hope your laundry list includes a petition on undoing the smoking ban! :)


Iya said...

@ Pinku - thanks for bringing this up..

@ Joe - nope, never... i am all against smoking.. :)

Sathish said...

:) ... What is India? :)

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Stop Honking! People honk so mindlessly. As you said, why would someone honk for the heck of it.
Irritating it is!

PS:Came here via Toddy Shop

Santosh said...

How did I miss this post? Bang on Iya. Surely these are the ones.


You can stop commenting and start acting.
Do not take it personally but people waste a lot of time teaching others how to do a particular thing when they themselves do not know how to do it.

The only thing that we can do to ease India's burden is to stop talking and start acting.So if every person who consider them-self as a citizen of the country start walking the talk it would definitely make our country great.

Iya said...

@ Nikhil - thanks for stopping by and seconding my thoughts on honking... it sure is a mindless act and irritating no less..
@ Santosh - i hope u r doing ur bit

@ Ashutosh Singh - Didn't u read the first paragraph of this post?? I said I am doing my bit..and i believe if each of us can do theirs the world will be a better place..

Indian Home Maker said...

Thanks or commenting on my blog, otherwise I wouldn't have found your blog :)
Loved this post. Yes these little acts can make so much difference! We do our bit, we don't throw papers etc on the road, we carry our 'bag' in the car and empty it at home, my kids have never used fire crackers (except some phuljhadi as kids), we don't honk...every little bit counts :)
...just saw the title of the next post on Jago Re Tata Tea...I have been meaning to mention it in my blog, but there's so much unhappiness all around these days, never came around actually doing it, glad you did.

Iya said...

@IHM - yup.. true.. every little bit awareness lies the secret of making this world a better place...
For Jaago Re - I am just too impressed with Tata for doing this.. The enlisting process is really simple..


Now,You are doing like what,blogging,heh?

Trailblazer said...

Nice points you've got there.