Thursday, June 12, 2008

Writing after a long time...

The earlier post is only a Ctrl+C Ctrl+V of something I had written long back. And this absence can be attributed to, among other things, my addiction.
Its been a pretty exciting phase in terms of professional life. I have changed my role and subsequently my team. From doing demand generation and bid management for a specific business unit, I have moved to handling the marketing for the entire Asia Pacific Geography for my company. Quite a move I must say, and this is when I am not usually easy on myself. New role, new team and new set of bosses and colleagues. Continuing the newness, I have moved to the corporate head office and as a result of that my traveling time has been reduced by 50%.

Bhai is getting married on 6th July. This time I’ll surely come back with snaps that will capture the essence of a Punjabi wedding.
Shopping is on full frenzy, and this is when I had promised mom that I’ll make use of all those heavy saris and dresses that are just lying unused (for the benefit of all – I got married 2 years back and have loads of beautiful not used clothing).

Home looks like a mini medical center, with Aman being down with Viral Fever the whole of last week. And the moment he got better it was Neha’s turn to grab the attention. Poor kid is down with a horrid acute case of tonsillitis. It’s not only difficult for her to eat but even drink.

There was a lot more that I wanted to write, but as I have said earlier too, things become irrelevant when mentioned beyond their time.


Anonymous said...

hey i said in my chat ur style of writing is funny n breezy. i liked it a lot...keep it up :)

Masood Salem said...

I know this is irrelevant to this post but..

Wish you a very happy birthday! Have a blast!!! :)