Friday, March 14, 2008

Missed it

I have missed this place immensely in the last couple of weeks. The thought of coming here and writing had struck me not less than a hundred times but work was like crazy. So much so that I didn’t see Aman for weeks and this is when we stay in the same home.
Last 4-5 weeks have been one of the most hectic, drilling and high energy weeks of my professional life. But it was fun.

Finally today I stole some minutes for myself. And here I am. But all those things that I wanted to write seem redundant. That’s the trick time plays. Things that seem the most significant today become really miniscule tomorrow.

Other than work a lot happened over the last month. I goofed up on our travel plans, almost broke my ankle, Aman managed to hurt himself, I fought with Boss, got appreciation from seniors and yes indulged in some heavy duty shopping.

I am off to Ranchi tomorrow for a week. 1 week a year. Yes that’s the amount of time I have been spending at my home since I started working. Sucks..

But the good part is that I will be home for Holi. This will also be the first time Aman will be in Ranchi for a festival. Now that surely brings a smile on my face.
I really want to leave my laptop behind and switch off the phone. But that will be asking a lot.

Wishing everyone a very colorful Holi !!


Masood Salem said...
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Masood Salem said...

Happy holi to you too!