Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why have I been crying?

Something really strange has been happening to me lately. Don’t know how or when, but suddenly I see myself transformed into this fat round gooey mass of emotions. It’s like I am brimming with sentiments. And even a slight nudge is enough to get me all teary eyed. It’s not that I am cold hearted otherwise. But this is stretching it a bit too far.

Like for example the other day I caught myself crying while watching Patiala House. Now, who in its sane mind would do that?? I have been crying when friends have announced pregnancies, which by the way, seems like a national phenomenon!!

Yesterday, Massi put up pictures of a recent family function on FB and I had a lump in my throat watching the family together.  And when my Dad’s and his brothers picture came up I cried some bucketful, and mind you this is when I was with dad exactly 15 days back? These are but a few examples and I am walking around with an eternal lump in my throat and dew in my eyes.
Papa (in Black), with Chachu and Bade Papa

So nostalgia is at an all time high. It looks to me like a very bad case of PMSing or a major after effect of this India trip. Which by the way rocked in more ways that I can ever list out? The bonding with Aman’s side of the family went up by a few notches, and this when I am already quite close to all of them, is quite commendable. I so feel a part of the clan. The way they have all gone out of their way to accept me is just a bit unbelievable. I have felt this all along, but now that I have completed 5 yrs of being married, I can safely say it aloud as well. Touch wood!

Coming back to the emotional bit, this song is also doing its trick. Not that I am boy or ever studied in Punjab or did most of the things the singer talks about.  So hormones acting up. Any remedies people?


Passionate Goof said...

Ok! I have to say this... getting this emotional often happens with hormone surges during pregnancy.... so well.... ;)

Swaram said...

The comment above is giving me ideas nw :P :P

But eh, happens with me too at times. Hugs :)

Swaram said...

Oh that pic is really nice :)

mindspace said...

its like one of the seasons of life.. happens to so many girls, i wonder why only to girls. sigh!

soul speaks said...

Hi Iya, Like Swar and passionate goof said.. it seems to be well..err.. ;)

Shweta said...

Always a pleasure to read!

Too touchy :)

Don't miss everyone so much.. We're soon giving you another reason to visit your folks again :)

Cheer up!

But you know what, the same thing happened to me when i heard that the date and place of our wedding has been fixed.. Was so emotional myself n i did cry too.. Was just getting thoughts of leaving everyone behind after wedding again n again :(

But i guess thats how it is!

Iya said...

@Passionate Goof - not a chance!! i am tellin' u, not a chance!

@thanks swaram . but i know ki aisa nahi hai

@tara - i agree, why just us?

@soul - nope, not at all!!

@Shweta - thanks so much and some more thanks for giving all of us another occasion to celebrate! and u too cheer up..

Trish said...

Awww..some days are like that.. :)
BTW,thats a lovely picture..I got a lump in my throat too..looking at brotherly love!

Prathima said...

Hey Iya.. Welcome back from India..:) How was the wedding?i was expecting a longg blog on your hurried shopping and the pics of your purchases:)

I guess you are feeling home sick. Happens once you are back from a trip to India , one will be edgy for weeks together:( take care

Monika said...

hugs I know what u mean I feel like that many days

Swati said...

I agree with passionate goof ;-)