Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here is my take on “No One Killed Jessica”

Let’s separate the two. The tragedy and the film.
The incident is something that I had followed very closely.  And like half of India I too felt cheated when the accused were let off. I too felt the rage and anger. And I too wanted the criminals to be punished. So seeing it all live on screen brought back all these emotions again. I was watching it more like a documentary or a series of how the events took place.  And yes I did end up with tears in my eyes.

Now coming to the movie – I thought it was a very mediocre affair. Vidya was good, Rani was over the top. Some characters were very good, like the cop. The movie could have been better.  And this is why I say this – Just assume that this movie wasn’t made on a real life incident. Just assume if this same movie was totally fictitious? What if there was no Jessica Lal ever killed. In that case this movie would have fallen flat.

The movie brings forward the obvious. The helplessness of the common man. The power of position and money and its misuse that’s rampant. The movie reminds one of the fact that what a barbaric society this is.   
The idea behind the movie was to portray what had happened in reality and there I think it has done a decent job. It does try and make things larger than life at some places, but then it’s a movie at the end of the day. Go watch it once.

On a separate note, I am quite happy that Shweta won Big Boss. Among all and sundry present there, she was the most decent one. She is quite gritty in her own ways. Independent, single mom, someone who said no to abuse and chucked that joker of a husband out of her life.  Think about it, it was that loud mouth Dolly who played such a crucial role in Shweta’s victory though. The whole bit about Shweta being abused and victimized by Dolly had the nation voting for her. Something similar to what happened with Shilpa Shetty. 


Swaram said...

Oh Shwetha won that show? Had not followed it, but knew she ws there! Like u say, she is a strong woman in some ways.

Anonymous said...

U know u just echoed what I felt abt the movie....

I was in delhi when that happened and there were a lot of emotions involved... my sister was there at the candle march and how I wished that I could be there...

they have shown the brutal part of delhi pretty well but yes it could have been better... but I think everyone shld see the movie once just to realize that yes a common man CAN stand up ultimately

Vidooshak said...

I had the same problem with 'Aamir' the earlier movie by this director. The topic of the film is great, the acting and set is fabulous but the film doesn't work as a whole. Firstly, he needs to hire an editor (it just drags and drags), and then have a real story instead of just a sensational tag line.

People still watch Big Boss??? :-)

Iya said...

@swaram - yes she did

@ Monika - true, what happened could have happened to anyone.

@ Vidooshak - i agree on the editor part!
And yes, i watch big boss, even here in singapore. its the best stress buster ever!!

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Raam Pyari said...

blog hopped to yours! nice place :)

Anonymous said...

Finally someone said it! Yes yes yes Rani was way over the top. Infact her whole character was a sad caricature of a perceived modern woman's image who smokes, indulges in casual sex and swears at the drop of hat. Worst scene was her first encounter with Jessica at her house. Way over dramatized depiction.

Iya said...

Thanks Raam Pyari. Hope to see you around

MD - It irks me no end, this typical portrayal of independent Indian women. casual sex, smoking, alcohol, abusive, is that how we are??? Such stereotyping!!!