Thursday, April 2, 2009

1 to 10 – my life in numbers

Interesting!! If life could be defined in numbers this is what my life would appear to be.
BTW this is a tag from Mumbai Diva

1 is for my one and only little sister who I adore beyond words. She is the sweetest!!

2 is for my 2 bestest friends both of whom I haven’t seen for eight months now

3 is for the number of exciting years I have spent being married to Aman. It’s also for the number of countries I have been to.

4 is for the number of cities I have lived in. It’s also for close to the number of years I have been working for

5 is for the number of delightful years I have been crazily in love with my man

6 is for the number of wine glasses I lost while shifting to the new house. 6 is also for the number of houses I have changed in Bangalore

7 is for the cell phones I have lost or broken in the last five years

8 is for my beautiful house on the 8th floor with the awesome view of the sunset

9 is for the number of years since I left school. 9 is also for the number of jewelry sets I got when I got married.

10 is for the number of Kilos I need to loose to get back in shape.

Done. Now this looks easier than it actually is. Requires a bit of thinking which I did on a hot, sleepy Thursday afternoon.

Cyn – since you complained that no one tags you, I appeal to you to take this up.
Anu – you too do it lady. One of my response refers to you too!!!
Monika – I know you love doing tags, so take it up.

Others – Like it? Pick it, and let me know. Would love to read it!!


Mumbai Diva said...

oh goodie. Nice to know even more about you:)

No, no trips to bangalore right now:( You making any trips to bombay?

ruggedboy said...

hello Miss Bhatia
i feel kinda out of place sometimes commenting on women blogs coz they have their own thing going and i sudden appear to spoil the party kinda and believe me its tough being a guy and blogger, they are fewer takers out their for this out of place combo
nice tag i generally have less to say about them, they talk of u and u along, aint that general to comment ala say bolly or polly
but yes nice u love ur daughter, feel the need to reduce wait
and many congrats to certain Mr Aman for marrying you and this ones for you 'he is lucky to have a women who has an opinion of her own'

ruggedboy said...

correction their ur sister not daughter
i guess the nervousness is already showing

Goofy Mumma said...

Very nicely done!

Amarjit Singh said...

Really interesting....& i suppose this 1 to 10 – my life in numbers ides comes in your mind just after the movie slumdog..Bcoz in the slimier manner you have explained your whole life, it seems.

Anyhow.. i like the way you expressed your self.

mindspace said...

ah finally we get to read u :) done with settling? write abt ur new house coz me silently looking for some pics... n guess what we have another shifting on cards in next 2 months perhaps :( so not doing anything in this one now. hmphhhh... 7 cell n 9 sets! cool girl...

Indian Home Maker said...

This was an interesting 1 to 10 ...
one sister and two best+est friends are all you need ....
And ofcourse we know all about your lost cell phones :)
A house on the 8th floor with a view of sunset sounds fabulous :)))

Iya said...

@ Mumbai Diva - no plans as of now, but will keep u posted.

@ ruggedboy - relax, no need tobe nervous. i know quite a few bloggers who are guys and they are doing preety ok..

@ Goofy Mumma - thnaks!!

Iya said...

@ Amarjit - i am not so innovative. i was tagged by a fellow blogger and so i did this 1 - 10 thing..

@ Mindspace - another shifting!!! ask amait to relax. nothing cool about loosing ceel phones..sets yes its preety cool..

@ IHM - thanks,i will soon do a picture post..

Cynic in Wonderland said...

ok i shall attempt it. tho i am very bad with tags. hmmmm

Iya said...

Cyn baby u can do it!!

Anonymous said...

Most of your posts revolve around your Aman guy. You remind me of Ameesha Patel's character in Honeymoon Travels

Masood said...

LOL at anon above!

Start guarding your cellphones as your jwlry sets. You could have bought another set at the cost of all those phones! :)

Indyeah said...

Interesting tag and you did it qiute well too!:)
read this at Chandni's and now yours:)
aww at 5 :))
like IHM said one sis and two best friends :)thats all one needs isnt it?:)

god bless:)

Iya said...

@ Anon - u r wrong, go see the movie again. and come up with ur identity too!!!

@ Masood - chup kar..
for lost cell phones - thats a sad sad story

@ Indyeah - please do it too..

~anu~ said...

iya loved the way you have done it. i will take an attempt.. however futile it may be.

Deeps said...

Lovely read:)

Solilo said...

That is a sweet tag. You did it well. :) I am with you on 10)

Jagjit said...

Seems you have been on a house changing and phone loosing spree. LOL, kidding. That's an interesting tag. Never seen before. I would take it :)

Just call me 'A' said...

very nicely done Iya. This tag is difficult. I've been tag by D to do this and it's been in draft since....cannot find a number 9..sigh

Iya said...

@ Anu - do it soon..

@ Deeps - Thanks

@ Solilo - take it up lady, all the best for no 10..

@ JAgjit - take it up.. wud love to read it..

@ Just call me A - this tag is difficult!! i had to think hard to come up with no 7..

Anand said...

U know Tags r someting im appreensive a lot about. Makes u reveal a lot bout urself to the world at large.. especially with computers becoming a terrorist thing lately n all.

OS id say..a it's a tag difficult for me to write..heee

Ill visit u more.
ANand. :-)

Mampi said...


Iya said...

@ Anand - Welcome to my page.. Computer and terrorist - interesting, i guess its all about perspective..

@ Mampi - :)

Monika said...

nicely done and now that u have declared i like tags will take this up... indeed like them they tell us so much abt each other and sometimes to self too

Avaran said...

oh... one is the number of cell phones iv had for the last four years! that makes me a species by myself or wat? :P

anyways good blog uv got here....

Monika said...