Monday, March 16, 2009

Gulal – this ain’t any review

I don’t believe in writing movie reviews. And this post is no different.
All I am trying to do is urge my readers to go watch Gulal.
It’s worth it.

After burning holes in our pockets by buying silk curtains for the new house (that’s dope for another post!!!) Aman and I decided to unwind with some movie. It was already 6 pm and chances of getting tickets for a 7ish movie were dim. Never the less we thought of giving it a try and viola we got the tickets for a 6:30 pm show of Gulal.
After a quick shot of caffeine we went inside the theater only to find that 70 % of the seats were unoccupied. Yes 70% seats were empty in a multiplex, on a Sunday evening in the first week of movie’s release.
Wonder why? Because the movie has no Khan, no cheap humor and no larger than life star cast. The fact that the movie didn’t receive any marketing prior to its release has played such a dominant role in people ignoring it.
So the basic premise of logical thinking holds true – how ever good or bad your product is, it is of utmost importance to position it well.

Anyways, let me not digress. The idea is that although the movie has been low profile and not advertised and marketed much, it still deserves a viewing.

Anurag Kashyap is at his best. And so are Kay Kay Menon and the other guy who plays Ran Sa. (I don’t know his name and no time to Google).
Movie hits you hard. It’s a story of love, treachery, greed, passion, innocence, fear, sadism and power.

Statuary Warning:
The language is abusive so avoid taking children for obvious reasons and parents for you might get uncomfortable, and if you belong to the cadre of viewers who cannot tolerate the swear words then excuse yourselves from watching it.

For others do watch it for the awesome lyrics, mind-blowing performances and astounding story telling!!!


Onthewingsofadream said...

I agree to you ..its an awesome movie ..hits you hard and yet not prechy but easy moving entertaining one !! I loved it ..

Mumbai Diva said...

I know. It's an awesome movie. I have an unfinished post on the movie which I'll put up tonight.

Iya said...
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Anonymous said...

Many movies open with few audience due to shortage of publicity funds. But till the viewers such as you are present good movies never die.
Claps for you !!!

Monika said...

oh i have been wanting to watch it all weekend i was pushing but that guy was so lazy to step out of the house...

will see it ASAP

Aman said...

I second iya's suggestion... if you wanna go for a serious engaging drama coupled with some really strong performances, this one is it..

Iya said...

@ onthewings - it does hit you really hard

@ MumbaiDiva - i will wait for your post!!

@ Hobo - thanks.. i am also hoping that people dont miss out on this for their sake

@ Monika - haha, i understand..Saturday for us was like that..totally lazy

@ Aman - thanks for the backing luv..what wud i do without u :)

Pinku said...

nice to know about the curtains and new home...hope u will review the new place on the blog too.

as for the movie...will try and catch it...though as a rule I stay away from hindi mass cinema...but will make this one an exception

chandni said...

I have all plans of watching this weekend for a nig kashyap fan and i love the music

Anonymous said...

i just watched dev d ! can't wait to watch this now.

Just call me 'A' said...

I'm definitely watching it very soon. Decorating house is fun, nay?

Solilo said...

Read couple of good opinion about Gulaal. I was curious about it since the time I read a preview 1 month back.

On my top list now.

Iya said...

@ Pinku - yup i will, still a lot more stuff to be bought u see..
take an exception and watch this..

@ Chandni - the music is awesome and better still are the lyrics..ahh

@ Roop - i loved Dev D as well!!!!

@ A - its fun real fun.. i only wish things i like werent so expensive...

@ Solilo - haha, my post has done its job..
BTW, i am unable to go to ur blog :(

Mystic Margarita said...

It's definitely on my 'must watch' list. I watched Dev D last week and loved it.

Mama - Mia said...

am gonna check it out super soon! love Kay Kay! and M keen too!

Iya said...

@ Mystic Margarita - loved Dev D too!!!

@ Kay Kay is awesome in this movie..right now he is one of the best actors we have!!

Mampi said...

Thanks Iya for the urging us to go. I am yet to watch but I am already positive about the movie. Maybe Mahesh and I can catch the 8 O'clock today if the kids allow us to.
The curtains sure ask for a pic on the blog please.
Do it, will you?

Iya said...

@ Mampi - did u see the movie? and did u too like it?
i will do a picture post on the house soon..

Sneha Divakar said...

i saw it and totally liked the plot. very well spun story..