Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Butterfly Effect

Thanks to Mumbai Diva, I have the butterfly on my page. It feels absolutely great.

About Diva – the best thing about her writing is the fact that she does it with sincerity. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog a few months back. That helped me discover yours.

I started blogging last year and am now completely hooked to it. Not just writing but also reading. Blogging has given me a whole new perspective to things. I have met people so different from me and so similar to me that it’s amazing.

It now my turn to spread the cheer. These are the people who so deserve this award. I so hope you will accept it.

Pinku - for the sheer honesty with which she writes
Mampi - for the way her posts touch my heart
Masood - for he was the first one to blog roll me J
IHM - for the fact that she really believes in what she says, no pretence there.
Cynic in the Wonderland - Humour at its best !!!

Its time for me to cherish my first award !!! Corner House it is then..


Indian Home Maker said...

Thank You Iya :)
And thanks also for your kind words. Honored!

Mampi said...

Many congrats on your award. You deserve it girl.

And now onto the acceptance speech:
Iya, Yeh tooney kya kiya,,
But kitna acha kiya,
Mera dil butterfly butterfly kar diya.
Frankly, I am so so so happy to receive this award. That you remembered me while awarding blogs is the bestest feeling.

Pinku said...


congrats on your first award....

and thanks for bestowing one on me too!!!

Mumbai Diva said...

;) Congratulations

Seriously, am feeling on top of the world since the award happened.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Congratulations to you on the award!

Thank you for awarding me! Made my day!

Indian Home Maker said...

Now my turn to pass the award, my list is almost ready!!


Monika said...

congrats for the award

Masood said...

Thanks Iya. I am honored.

Oh, just check my blog when you have some time! ;)

Iya said...

@ IHM - u r most welcome!!
@ Mampi ji - bahut filmy ho app...let me go wipe my tears
@ Pinku - thanks and welcome ji
@ Mumbia Diva - u made my day :)
@ Cyn - waiting to see ur list lady
@ Monika - thanks thanks

@ Masood - yeah aapne kya kiya, mujhe phir se award de diya, aab main kya karun, chalo thnak u he boolon...