Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Go Goa - 2

Another one from my Goa Trip.


Masood Salem said...

are you there in that pic as well? ;)

Anonymous said...

Would have liked if you wrote a lil bit as to why you chose this snap to post it up here..

I am not sure if I like it.

Aman said...

I completely disagree with Ankur here...I think this photograph catches a very beautiful glimpse of Goa and its culture..

On the beach of Bagha (One of the finest in Goa).. Goan women trying to sell something which is so originally goan. If somebody looks at it carefully these ladies are trying to sell goan bead necklaces, stone bracelets, etc..

Furthermore few things just ooze out so much that there is never a need of writing or elaborating..

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved my brother wrote this..!!
And I cant describe what I read between his lines, but surely it made me very happy.

Good Work!! :)